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Feeding / Re: Standard food Vrs Senior food.
« Last post by aljeana on Today at 12:25:04 PM »
Mine are all fed Kibble a 60/40 mix  manufacture recommends for all ages including puppies mine are

7months, 4 years, 8 years & 14 years all doing fine so if yours is ok on the food you feed now I would not change to senior
General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Re: Houdini and the car harness...
« Last post by Leo0106 on Yesterday at 09:33:24 PM »
Thanks Phoenix. I have considered crating but he has never been crated before and I worry that it would make him destrssed.. generally he is a dream in the car. Over Christmas we drove 800miles over the course of 12 days and he would just sleep providing he had a decent walk before.. we have used a stair gate extender to bar him from getting into the front before but he either spent time licking my ears or being quite distressed. Long journeys are fine as he just sleeps. It's the shorter journeys where he tends to be a pain..
General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Re: Houdini and the car harness...
« Last post by phoenix on Yesterday at 08:50:00 PM »
I have a cocker sized crate on the back seat,fixed with bungee straps.
Bobby had a harness, but would manage to remove the drivers woolly hat. 
Health / Re: Alabama Rot
« Last post by Jaysmumagain on Yesterday at 12:41:01 PM »
The seasonal canine illness does seem to have had a wee bit more press notice due to a certain Mam, when we were in Trough  of Bowland there were several signs last October warning of it Crown land me knows.  Same with the Sandringham Estate.
Health / Re: Alabama Rot
« Last post by pam1 on Yesterday at 11:20:50 AM »
We live near Cannock Chase in Staffs where there has been a recent outbreak and a dog died 😢.
We still go there but avoid muddy woods. We take a small garden pressure sprayer out with us if we go in the car and spray their legs and pads thoroughly after walking, as advised.    I think you have to take the best precautions you can but also allow the dogs freedom to exercise, run around and be happy.   If we listened to all the reports about stolen dogs, poison food lying around and other diseases we would never take them out! 🐾🐾🐾
Behaviour & Training / Re: Snapping Spaniel
« Last post by karenl on Yesterday at 10:20:10 AM »
Hi there, I too have a nervous cocker spaniel now age eight, she had "issues " from the day we
Got her at nine weeks I have posted on here many a time .
We saw a bahaviorist when Amber was around 9 months old due to her unpredictable behaviour.
Basically (and I'm trying to keep this short) we learnt the sort of things that upset her and tried to avoid situations, being too harsh or raised voices didn't work on amber and only made her weary
Of us ! Talking in a mild manor but giving her space seemed to help her.
Putting her out of a room helped if she was snappy or anxious helped .
Treats helped in gaining her trust when calling her to us ,

On a different note , we didn't realise when we bought amber home that we were to have two grandchildren in the following few months and that was a concern as I would be looking after them two days a week ! 
Amber freaked out every time she heard them cry or made any noise so I had to keep them separate
But was also aware that I didn't want to make her jealous or pushed out whenever they were here
But I had no choice as I couldn't risk the babies getting hurt or becoming frightened of dogs and also
Didn't want our dog to be stressed either !

Gradually behind a stair gate in the kitchen amber got used to seeing and hearing the babies and occasionally Grandad would let her come in (on lead)and sit next to him and watch them play.
This worked with amber but it took some time now the two children are eight years old get on great with Amber and have done for a few years although they know she doesn't like being cuddled or stroked by them and they know that so don't do it , they love to play ball with her and she loves it too.
Even WE had to really gain ambers trust over time to have her on our laps for a cuddle which we love
And she is quite willing to do now .

We also have a four year old grandchild now who also knows the rules but in no circumstances the children are left alone with the dog , amber is still an anxious dog but she is our pride and joy and
We are very proud of how far we have all come but it's taken some time and a lot of patience.
Good luck to you !
Health / Re: Alabama Rot
« Last post by its.sme on Yesterday at 05:46:44 AM »
I totally agree with elaine,

If we listened to every report to every possible disease etc then what kind of life would our dogs have ?

If you Know the risk and the symptoms you can make an informed decision.

I avoid heavily wooded area's which dosn't bother Bea at all and when she gets particularly muddy I then wash her feet and legs in the dilute solution.

If there is an area that has had confirmed cases then no, I probably wouldn't visit which is a shame.

Health / Re: Alabama Rot
« Last post by MIN on January 18, 2018, 10:38:28 PM »
the Sandringham Estate  around 2009/2010  posted warning notices of a mystery disease affecting  dogs. This outbreak is now put down to Alabama Rot. We walked that estate many times before and after those years until last year.
Are you sure about that? I know the Sandringham Estate is one of the areas known to have been affected by Seasonal Canine Illness over the last few years, and that's an entirely different disease to Alabama Rot.

Edited to add. The deaths at Sandringham noted since 2009 have been caused by Seasonal Canine Illness, not Alabama Rot.

my mistake   was under the impression that it was a name change
Lost & Found Cockers / Re: Julie's 6 stolen cockers-hopeful news this morning
« Last post by smitten on January 18, 2018, 10:34:00 PM »
Fantastic news about this pair being found....There is light at the end of the tunnel. Just hope and pray that the others will be found safe and well soon xx
Behaviour & Training / Re: Snapping Spaniel
« Last post by Pearly on January 18, 2018, 10:29:23 PM »

I so identify with what you’ve written! Pearl will be 7 in April and is still anxious and still snappy and still defiant.  She’s also fear reactive which makes it very hard to train her.

Most days she bumbles along quite happily.  At OH house she spends most of her day mousing, outside and will not come in when called, it’s only if I put my “don’t mess with me Lady” voice on that she actually pays attention and will often stand with all four legs stretched rigid as if she’s about to launch an attack.  At this point I generally ignore her, walk off and shut the door.

She is very defiant.  If she’s on the settee and told to get off it has to be verbally, to try to move her will result in being snapped at.  The solution is that she’s not allowed on there and on every attempt to get on, is promptly told to get off (often 3 times  >:D).  At my house she now lives in the kitchen and seems to be quite a lot happier - you’ve prompted me to think about the set up at OH house (we move there this year) and whether we should restrict the area she sleeps in  :dunno:

This is a really difficult behaviour to deal with and manage.  Pearl seems to be better now so in answer to your question, regarding behaviour with a child then I wouldn’t expect him to be any more snappy but you will need to manage his anxiety also your child and their boundaries  ;)

Jake, snapping, could be any one of a number of underlying causes.  You need to try and establish what the triggers are, or the environment he’s in at the time....or the time of day etc and build a pattern - to either preempt, avoid or manage.  Having said that I’m still doing this with Pearl and often it’s when she was expecting one action, has decided she doesn’t want to do it (then gets herself in a ‘tis) and snaps when moved/touched/herded into the house.  It’s rare she’s like this outside the home environment  and she is now one of four which she is clearly rather put out by (one more was bearable  :shades:)


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