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Millie 8 Year Old Female @ Many Tears
« on: December 13, 2019, 05:13:48 PM »


29-11-2019 Millie is a 8 year old female ex breeding cocker spaniel. Millie is worried when you try to go near her but she is easy to handle and will let you hold her which shows her wonderful she is, she just doesnt know how to show it yet. She needs to be handled slowly, but is starting on a lead as long as you are patient and take baby steps. Millie is scared and we will be looking for an adult only home with experience of scared dogs so she can have the encouragment she needs to help her progress. She needs a kind dog in her new home to help with this and they can show her all about housetraining too.  Millie has a passport.

11-12-19 UPDATE

Millie has made amazing progress since coming to us. She comes to say hullo to people walking past her kennel and will come for a fuss if you enter her kennel. Such a gentle little sweetheart who is small in stature. This is a picture of Millie getting ready for bed, Kieth who is looking after her has just turned the heat lamp on and put huge duvets down for her and her companions to sleep on. Millie had great fun rolling around and pulling herself on her belly towards Kieth for a fuss. At this time Millie would suit a quiet home with a gentle canine companion, but as she continues to flourish, this may change.
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