Author Topic: Urgent advice needed dogs fighting  (Read 5421 times)

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Urgent advice needed dogs fighting
« on: August 01, 2023, 08:06:19 PM »
Need help. My ex husband got made homeless a few weeks ago and Iíve had to take his cocker in. The problem I have is Iíve got a girl cocker myself and they keep fighting. Iím at my wits end. Iíve tried to keep them both separated but things havenít got any better. I just want know what to do anymore. I feel heartbroken I donít really want to give her up. My ex hasnít done anything to
Socialise his dog her ears are all matted. Please can someone help

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Re: Urgent advice needed dogs fighting
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2023, 10:46:42 PM »
I hope youíve been able to consider your options.   Itís not fair on you or your own pet.  She sounds like she needs a lot of love, care and training, poor girl.  Please be open to discussing rehoming ,  itís not the end of the world for the dog, but a fresh start.
  In my opinion,  as someone who has two rescue dogs, and further family members with another six in total,   loving people are waiting to adopt  dogs.  These people are vetted to show that they are suitable.   Dont be  afraid to simply phone to talk to the best rehoming centres.  They will understand your predicament, and not let your husbands dog leave until  groomed and assessed. Itís not in their interest to place a dog in the wrong home to have it returned. Often dogs are fostered to improve socialisation and training.
There are admin  people on this forum who are involved in rehoming cockers, and I hope they chime in. If not , start another post .  One of my dogs was previously totally neglected and antisocial ,  until  signed over to  the rspca.   I adopted him immediately and  with time and and training  he is  now  fantastic .   
I feel that your dog should come first , with you. Your ex should not dump his  difficulties on you and leave you feeling so upset and guilty.   His dog needs a better owner than him!!,
No offence meant if Iíve got this wrong.

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Now owned by TInker, tiny hairy grey poodle/terrier rescue from Greece and Jack, local rescue,   scruffy ginger terrier mutt.