Author Topic: Rescue Board Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING *Updated*  (Read 14080 times)

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Rescue Board Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING *Updated*
« on: August 07, 2003, 02:18:29 PM »
1 Private rehomes are not permitted. Please only post details of Cockers in recognised rescues or rehoming centres where dogs have been fully assessed and lifetime back up is provided (this excludes dogs currently in pounds).

2 Please can you give as much detail re the dog as possible. This means naming the rescue (please don't just put MT etc. as people reading this board may not know who MT are) & it's location and providing a link to the rescue's website, where available.

3 Please direct any questions about dogs posted on the Rescue board to the Rescue concerned as COL is unable to answer any queries about individual dogs.
And please keep discussion relevant as the threads are for rehoming particular dogs and if they go off-topic then it distracts from rehoming the dog

4 You are welcome to post offering a home for a rescue dog but if someone contacts you privately regarding your post it is YOUR responsibility to check the background of the dog and ensure it is suitable for rehoming with you. CockersOnline accepts no responsibility for any agreements, verbal or otherwise, made between you and other parties.

5 Although we request that only details of dogs in recognised rescues are posted, we are unable to vet individual rescues so it remains your responsibility to check that any rescue you contact is reputable. Are dogs in their care assessed by experienced volunteers? Is there back up available from the Rescue if you need advice after you take your rescue dog home? Is the rescue a registered Charity? If not, is there any accountability for funds received by the rescue? These are the sort of things you need to check as unfortunately anyone can currently call themselves a rescue, set up a website and ask for donations from the public. From time to time we may remove threads when we have received concerns about a particular rescue and their practices.

6 Please note the COL Rescue board is for Cockers only. Threads referring to other breeds/cross breeds in Rescues should be posted on the Other Breeds/Cross Breeds board.