Author Topic: Stud dog owner etiquette?  (Read 262 times)

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Stud dog owner etiquette?
« on: August 04, 2017, 03:06:40 PM »
I used a stud dog on my girlie last season and she missed getting pregnant :016:.  She recently came in season again and on listening to people's advice decided to have the blood progesterone tests done.  I contacted the stud dog owner as soon as she came in season and kept in touch regarding the blood results. In the end I had 3 tests done (72 each) before she was shown to be ovulating. The vets at the lab suggested mate day 2 of ovulation and day 4. I contacted the stud dog owner and on day 2 took her for mating in which they tied. The owner agreed we could return in 48 hours. 
48 hours later, I rang the stud dog owner to arrange a convenient time for the visit as I had quite a drive to make.  I was dismayed to find the owner said they were busy that day and as they put the dogs away early I could not visit in the evening either. They had also had another enquiry for use of the stud and if that went ahead I would be unable to return, but to see...... I did not understand what they were saying, and as my girlie was shown to be ovulating I do not understand why I had to wait or for how long? Result.....I never heard back.....I am now just hoping that the one mating will have been enough.....

Just wondered if I had a right to be upset or if this is normal occurance?

Thank you in advance.....