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Re: Burrs! Advice please
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2017, 12:13:12 PM »
Yes, our dog used to do this too but occupying with treats definitely helped.  We worked together to do grooming - one of us to occupy the head with treats and warn the other when they felt a snap was likely coming.  6 months was especially hard but at the age of 2 now he doesn't really do this anymore unless we accidentally really manage to pull hair in a sensitive spot.

I'll disagree with others and say we found castration massively helped aggression problems - but I don't know that what you are experiencing is anything out of the ordinary for a lot of dogs so I don't know how relevant it is in your case.  We had more serious problems with guarding resources, locations as well as fairly major body handling issues and had had bleeding puncture wounds and bad bruising.  About a month after neutering the ferocity of response he was capable of diminished considerably as did the number of occasions he resorted to using aggression.  We waited until 10 months to neuter.

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Re: Burrs! Advice please
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Don't worry about getting a nip from a pup. He's very young and has yet to learn any better. If something hurts then he will react in the only way a little pup can.

There is a lot of debate about when/if dogs should be neutered. I don't think that there has been enough research done to give definite answers. With early neutering I would worry about the effect on future hormone production and development. Mammals have a lot in common - perhaps time to dig out the old endocrinology text books? Is there anything known about the effect of castration on castrati singers and the age at which they were 'done'? I would be interested in rachmonkey's take on this.

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Re: Burrs! Advice please
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That's the boys,    What about the ladies?   Premenopausal ladies are given hormone replacement after hysterectomies.   Dogs could benefit too!
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