Author Topic: Should the amount of litters produced from a Dam influence buying decisions  (Read 1785 times)

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Hi All
I've been looking around to buy a new cocker as our family pet and have started to do a bit of research into puppies that we find for sale. I saw one for sale the other day and after looking up the mum and dad on Kennel club it appeared that this would be the fifth litter from this Dam. It looks like this Dam has been producing litters every 12-18 months from the age of 1 should I treat this as a red flag and not even consider this litter? To me it seems excessive to be producing so many puppies so regularly, to me it doesn't seem right. Just wondering what people's thoughts where.

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This doesn't sound right to me either - 1 is young to start breeding. The KC breeder I got my puppy from wouldn't consider breeding her bitch until 3/4 years of age for the peak mental and physical maturity needed for a healthy pregnancy and being a good mum to the pups. Having an 18 month old bitch myself, I couldn't imagine breeding from her 6 months ago - she was still developing and very much an adolescent. I could be completely mis-judging the breeder here and they may have their reasons, but I would always say if you get a funny feeling about it/see any red flags then walk away from the sale.

Good luck with your puppy search! It sounds like you're going about it the right way doing your research!

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Steer clear, too many litters and started too young. Also beware of adverts! Reputable breeders puppies sell by word of mouth and recommendation. If you are looking to buy contact the cocker spaniel breed clubs closest to where you live and ask for recommendations. Happy for you to send me a message as I may be able to help.