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whats your average day with a cocker
« on: November 20, 2020, 06:15:56 PM »
hi folks , whats your average day with a working cocker,

we are in the waiting list for a working cocker and have had dogs before but not this breed

our circumstances are one retired and one part time. We have been reading through a lot of the posts, very helpful thanks to all

best wishes

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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2020, 04:10:04 PM »
Gemma's day.
Wake up at 5.30 and slid into bed as close to mum as I can. Dozing then with one eye on dad waiting till he shows signs of awaking which then means I get to go outside for pee and then breakfast. Then I rush back into bed with mum till she gets up. I helps her eat breakfast then do my own thing till walkies. On returning home I sleeps, eats if I can, play with my to many to mention toys, nag dad to go pees. Start clock watching near tea time so mum gets my tea on time. In the evening I let mum share a tiny bit of sofa with me. 8.45 exactly is nighty night treat time and then I chew chew or more dozes till I think its time to make mum go to beds.. I  used to go out to work chasing phessies but I is now retired.
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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2020, 04:25:25 PM »
Gemma’s day sounds a lot like Bella’s day (she’s show not working though)

At about 5.30 Bella works her way up to the top of the bed and starts making it perfectly clear it’s nearly breakfast then at 6 we get up and head downstairs.. Bella has hers then she will come and wait till we eat our breakfast and have a little bit of scrambled egg and maybe a corner of toast. She then goes back to sleep (she may or may not go for a pee if she can be bothered) till it’s time for walks.

Well walk for  an hour or so in the woods, lots of sniffing and maybe some playing with other dogs if she fancies it. Home to have her feet washed and maybe a full on wash if she feels inclined to roll in something unsavoury.

She then climbs onto the sofa and sleeps. She is happy to sleep most of the day, she’ll follow me around everywhere especially if I go into the kitchen. She’ll have her dinner then an afternoon walk then back to the sofa. She has a treat when we have dinner then back to the sofa for more sleeping till we go for our pre bedtime walk then she’s back in bed ready to do it all over again.

May have the odd crazy hour during the day if she feels like it but once she’s found a comfy spot she’s happy to sleep!!x

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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2021, 10:00:23 AM »
Alfie’s days have been varied due to Christmas.

Normal term time:
Dad comes down at 0630, frantic cuddles and make sure he smells OK all over.
Quick wee, then a walk round the block.
More cuddles and breakfast until I go back in to my crate for 30 minutes whilst everyone gets dressed and small Hooman has breakfast.
At 0830, I walk small hooman to school then take dad onto the playing fields to practice his recall skills.
Home where I check mum is OK and morning  it’s time for me to check in on Dads work mates via Skype/Teams before enforced quiet ti me.

Lunch time quick play with Dad, check (repeatedly) he still understands the signals for I want to go out, come back in when I’m sure he isn’t watching go to poo under the trampoline.

Try to help Mum sort packing for wool, get more enforced sleep time.

1445, Dad goes to fetch small hooman, have crazy 10 minutes catching up with her when she comes home, play show all of my toys to everyone, but not let them play with them.

Sometime I may make another guest appearance on Dads video calls, but certainly try tO distract him so there is the comedy moment of his head disappearing from the screen.

Evening walk around 1700.

Then chill/check if any mischief needs doing until bedtime around 2300.

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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2021, 02:56:50 PM »
hi folks , whats your average day with a working cocker,

we are in the waiting list for a working cocker and have had dogs before but not this breed

Hi and welcome - I am also waiting for our working cocker, having lost our last one 18 months ago and our lab in August  :'(

Typical day with a cocker - mmm that's gonna be a hard one to think about with a new arrival - for the first few months will be watching like a hawk for toilet training - teaching name / sit / stand / down / recall (in the garden and in the house) taking out and about to socialise as much as possible under the current situations we find ourselves in (Will call friends who have dogs and arrange to meet them for walks / socialising - although the walks until pup is @ 14 months will be 5 min per month )
Handling and grooming so they are used to it should they require you to get sticky willies out of their coat or to be handled by the vet (ears / mouth / feet as well as rest of body)

Previously with my other doglets
Wake up @ 6am out for a wee then breakfast then curl up at the bottom of the stairs while the humans showered and got dressed
Sometime after 8am walk time approx an hour then home for a snooze
mid morning fun in the garden for 15 - 20 minutes (this was training and playing with agility (tunnel / weave poles and a small jump)) then snooze time
Out in garden again for fun and games approx 2.30pm - get left home alone with a kong after for half hour to an hour
4.30pm / 5pm - family walk for at least 45 min
6.30pm ish tea time (this depended on the walk time as always like them to have an hour back in the house after a walk before being fed)
7.15pm / 7.30pm a quick play in the garden then curl up for the evening (and fighting mum for the place in front of the open fire in the winter months  :005: )

Wishing you all the best with getting your pup - hopefully you will be on COL and we can share our journeys :)

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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #5 on: January 08, 2021, 12:36:48 PM »
First Tablet to older dog (Topaz) , breakfast to both dogs, one low fat for Topaz and one allergy food for Amber. 10pm out for two hour walk, getting dragged along the path on the lead by Amber till released , Topaz trots along well behaved, chaotic walk trying to make sure Amber doesnt go to an area where deer/rabbits/ hares/ grouse or pheasants hang out, then she wont bomb off.

Both filthy so back at 12 for an outdoor hot wash, rub down and dried, mid day meal ...I sit down briefly

1pm i head off to walk another old sensible dog, Amber whinges doesnt want leaving, sulking when I go out

Return at 2 ish, welcomed ferociously by both dogs especially a very clingy Amber ,

5 pm is Topazs 3rd meal (she has 4 small a day due to health issues) Amber gets a little to stop her pinching Topazs,

8pm is Topazs second tablet, and then her 4th meal around 9 pm, have to defrost food etc for following day

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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #6 on: January 09, 2022, 09:14:29 PM »
I have a 17 week old working cocker. Our day goes like this….

Wake at 6.30am during the week and 7.30am at weekends, now he’s used to the crate

Walk around the block and then breakfast
20 min walk about 8.30am after child has been dropped off at school
Sleep and treat

Out every hour as still toilet training. Can go almost 1.45mins if needed

Training for 10mins at lunchtime. Lunch for him is served in a flying saucer. Good for him mind

Play time

Stuffed kong, licky plate

10 min walk after kid comes back from school

Dinner served at 5pm and from a wobble dispenser

10 min training

Hourly 5min walks

In crate and sleeping at 10.30pm


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Re: whats your average day with a cocker
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2022, 10:04:17 AM »
Hi Lady and the cat! We have a 23 week old WCS and our day goes a little something like this:

6.15 wake up for morning wees, cuddles, and breakfast
8-9 walk in the park, play with friends, and fuss from ladies in the cafe whilst I have my morning coffee
10.30-11 cuddles and placeboard/retrieve training
12-1 lunch (training meal), cuddles and mooching about whilst I have lunch
2.30-3 walk in the park
4.30-6 cuddles, play, mooch about the house, lickimat with frozen yoghurt whilst I cook dinner
6 dinnertime
7-7.30 on lead walk around the town (if she seems unsettled or is having an energetic/Tasmanian devil day)
7.30-11 cuddles, lounging about on the sofa and chewing time (antler / yak cheese)
11 bedtime in crate with kong stuffed with Lily's bedtime biscuit and peanut butter

Ivy has a play pen with a bed we put her in during the day for naps between 'activities' and a crate for the night. She happily sleeps in both. We're going to start letting her sleep downstairs when she can be trusted not to chew all of the things and she is a bit calmer with her cat brother, who she is slowly developing an uneasy alliance with...

My top tip for getting into a routine for your new dog is start as you mean to go on. We both wish we'd started with a 7am wake up from day 1 and an earlier bedtime, but once you do it then your clever little pup won't let you forget it!!

Hope this helps :luv: