Author Topic: Interaction with other breeds  (Read 545 times)

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Re: Interaction with other breeds
« Reply #15 on: January 12, 2018, 02:13:20 PM »
It is interesting about particular breeds. Buster has always been nervous of collies. Since we rehomed him at 14 months I don't know if there is a back story to this or not. His preferred approach is to shout copious abuse at them in the hope that they will believe that he is ferocious. Only seems to be with collies though...

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Re: Interaction with other breeds
« Reply #16 on: January 14, 2018, 06:43:06 PM »
Driving the car past  owners who walk calmly on pavements by main roads, with off lead dog makes me nervous. None of mine could do that. Round here it seems to be tubby Jack Russell's  that do this. Collies lie flat glaring at the car, ready to get the tyres.
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