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Poppy Boo
« on: February 02, 2017, 04:04:40 PM »
My sweet Poppy girl went to the rainbow bridge at 2am this morning. She was only four years old. Tuesday morning she was her usual flappy, happy, whirling dervish self, and by lunchtime she was in severe pain and her back legs were weak. We had 36 hours of intensive vet care, exploratory surgery, three vets doing everything they could, but by last night she was paralysed from the chest down, and we knew she'd had a major spinal compression and it was time to say goodbye. She couldn't wag her tail properly, the first time in her life she hadn't wagged everywhere she went. Can't imagine life without her, she was such a lovely girl, beautiful in every way from her loving, happy little temperament to her long eyelashes and her high fives and her princess ways. Her joy and excitement over 'shall we make a cup of tea?' was as nutty as 'shall we go for a walk?', she loved going on holiday especially our regular trips to Wales. I can't bear to think of going there without her. I just ate a banana and it was so wrong not to give the last quarter to a small black and white person waiting eagerly at my feet.

Thank you so much for all the wealth of help and advice I've had here, especially in the first year of her life on the puppy board. It helped so much and I learned so much here for her. She was flipping hard work as a puppy but I couldn't have imagined a dog I could ever have loved or enjoyed sharing life with more than Pops, or whose cockerdile and squirrel on crack puppy ways could have turned into such a gentle, clever, lovely girl.

Pops the Womble: November 2012 to February 2017. Forever loved and missed Poppet.