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My Honey
« on: November 01, 2017, 03:45:55 PM »
Honey.....I wish you were here now, sat beside me today,  :'(
Honey.....To hear these loving words I want to say,
Honey.....You were a dog in a million, loving, gentle and kind,
Honey.....Gaining your wings, it meant you having to leaving us behind,
Honey.....Our hearts broken and sore,
Honey.....Our hands and arms now empty for sure.
Honey.....They rang to day and said you were waiting for us to bring you home.
Honey.....You are now here with us, your Mum and Dad who love you so much
Fly free my Honey,  :luv:  :luv:  :luv:  :luv:  :luv:  :luv:  :luv: