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Pocket 5 Years Old Female @Many Tears
« on: December 13, 2019, 04:56:31 PM »

Pocket is a 5 year old female Cocker Spaniel, she has only just arrived with us and she is finding everything overwhelming at the moment. She is very nervous and twitches when being held as she is worried what we want to do around her. She is quite difficult to handle and backs away from touch, but once she learns we are here to help her she will learn to trust and this will become easier. Pocket has a sweet nature when she is calm, but she is very unsure of everything at the momnet. Once she has learnt that humans can be kind, she will come out of her shell.  She needs a kind dog to guide her, show her housetraining and boost her confidence. She needs a calm, adult home but in time she will bloom.

30-10-19 UPDATE
Itís sad to think what this beautiful little girl came from. She does come to the front of the kennel but as soon as you enter she tends to retreat behind her more confident friends. Iím hoping in time she learns from her friends and sees that nobody is trying to hurt her but that will come with time. Sitting with her kennel she did relax after a while and sat in her bed giving me a few looks now and again. She is such a sweet quiet girl I think she will make a lovely lap dog one day. She needs someone who can hold her paw along the way of learning new things and trying to see that humans arenít so bad. I hope this girl gets her chance soon
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