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Puppies / Re: What chews/toys do you recommend??
« Last post by sophie.ivy on Today at 09:20:27 AM »
We get the Everest ones too and they're great!

When Ivy's front and back teeth were coming in she destroyed every toy in her path (even ones claiming to be 'tough'), with the exception of this strange tugger toy:

She's not interested in the rope part, just the middle bit! Loves chewing it and she hasn't been able to chew it apart...yet.

General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Re: Bailey The Rescued Cocker
« Last post by theshrew on Yesterday at 12:54:09 AM »
Heís doing really well tbh. Slowly but surely heís progressing. Ive never lost the urge either,  Not that it gets me anywhere  :005:

Turns out little the lady has come into season and heís been trying to sweat talk her  :police: Got ourselves a little blob machine. Tried to put her in an old pair of my daughters knickers which lasted 2 mins.

Puppies / Re: What chews/toys do you recommend??
« Last post by vixen on December 07, 2021, 10:08:51 PM »
Forgot to say that the brand of Yak I buy is Everest (from eBay). I prefer this brand as it lasts much longer than the other brands I have bought  ;)
Puppies / Re: What chews/toys do you recommend??
« Last post by Katrina on December 07, 2021, 08:45:08 PM »
Thanks vixen! Yaks last us about a week too so I'll get a large one next time. Good tip!

He's not a huge fan of rope toys... even when I've frozen them for a bit of a change.
Puppies / Re: Advice for puppy zooming and biting
« Last post by dave w on December 07, 2021, 08:27:20 PM »
sorry about the late reply we have just got our internet back on after the storm, i think you are right he mostly does it if his last walk is a bit late in the evening, as soon as i manage to get him in his cage he instantly settles, i now leave his harness on for a few minutes to check his not going to flip so i then have something to grab him buy or he will bite.
Puppies / Re: Off-lead walking
« Last post by dave w on December 07, 2021, 08:23:54 PM »
Hugo is 18 weeks and has never been off the lead apart from puppy socialization classes, I'm pretty sure he will run off i have been lent a 10mtr extended lead and he runs full pelt until he gets to the end of the lead, the other day he somehow caught a jackdaw in the garden i have no idea how but i managed to pounce on him and get the bird of him and it flew away so at least he didn't kill it ,but when we are out on walks he seams to be obsessed with birds and squirrels so i'm pretty sure he will disappear off chasing them, most of the walks near me are all fields and woods so plenty wildlife to chase.
there is a very well respected gundog trainer near to me but he won't train them till they are 6 months old.
Puppies / Re: What chews/toys do you recommend??
« Last post by vixen on December 07, 2021, 07:35:47 PM »
I also have yak chews for my teething 5 month old.  I purchased the ones for medium dogs and they lasted about a week.  Next time, I purchased the bigger one (for big dogs) as I thought it would be the same only bigger but it is much harder and she really gnaws it with her back teeth.  It has lasted over 2 weeks so far and sheís not even half way through it yet.  She gnaws it every day and it does seem to help and it does tire her out. 
Sorry I donít have any teddy recommendations but Maisie loves her rope tugger as another gnaw toy.
Puppies / Re: What chews/toys do you recommend??
« Last post by Katrina on December 07, 2021, 07:11:29 PM »
Just resurrecting this thread... 

We've added yak chews to our repertoire and try different kong stuffing. He still hasn't figured out a way of getting at the food in there other than a slow lick.

This week his back teeth are really bothering him and he's started to rip apart his soft toys after chewing them with his molars. The toys we have seem to have fallen apart in minutes... we have one kong bear that has list both his ears, but is otherwise doing ok. Six other toys have been binned in the last couple of days.

Any ideas for tougher "teddy" toys?
Health / Vetoryl Medication for Cushing's disease
« Last post by annclare on December 06, 2021, 07:31:54 PM »
I have posted before about my Nina's battle with Cushings. Sadly I lost her at the end of May and I am still struggling with life without her. My other cocker Matte has missed her too; of all the cocker pairs I've had over the years (previously always 2 females and never with any animosity) I do think theirs was the best of all so it's been a sad time for us both.  I plan to look for another (older) cocker in the new year (Matte now 9) to help both of us but not sure how it will go as I turned 80 at the beginning of June (so the planned muted celebration did not happen ).
My main reason for posting now is that I am still trying to off load the outstanding capsules of Vetoryl as a freebie to someone. I have offered them to vets and rescue centres but they have all declined my offer as 'they can't guarantee they have been stored correctly.' I suspect I will end up flushing them down the loo but if anyone knows anyone who could make use of them (26 of 30 mg capsules) please let me know. Thank you. 
Puppies / Re: Off-lead walking
« Last post by vixen on December 06, 2021, 03:38:08 PM »
I guess it may depend on what you want to do with your girl?
I donít intend to work my 21 week girl but do want an obedient well trained dog. When I started taking her into the big wide world we had her on a flexi lead (she never got to the end which would have caused her to jerk back) and kept practicing recall and treating with high value rewards.  SHe was very good at this and we took the risk and let her off and she is still recalling well.  I feel it is important for her to interact with other dogs when out and about and think that is more difficult if she on a lead.  I used the same method with my previous cockers and they had excellent manners with other dogs and were able to read dog language very well and knew which dogs to avoid. We went to a local beauty spot this weekend and when off lead she kept constantly checking where we were ❤️ and  she met lots of different dogs and people.  She came away from them when recalled and I was very proud of her.
There will be lots of people telling you their opinions and what is right and wrong but you have to make the decision of what you think is best for your dog depending of what you want to do with your girl.
If my  new addition grows up to be anything  like my previous dogs (who were perfect  ;)  ) I will be very happy
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