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« on: February 16, 2017, 02:55:08 PM »
Am looking to change insurers for Alfie, who is 7years and 5months. His renewal quote from John Lewis has come through at 987 for the year and he also has a pre-existing condition which costs 35 per month for medication for 7 months of the year. I have read lots of threads and posts on COL to see which insurer might be more reasonable and found a couple of possibilities. However I've just found a very useful site   and Vetsure comes well rated on it, much better than the 2 insurers I was considering! I was wondering if any others used Vetsure and if so how have they found them?

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Re: Vetsure
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2017, 10:12:36 AM »
I've just gone through a number of those on the site and they all get bad reviews :005:

My mind is now boggled