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Bowel Incontinency
« on: July 07, 2021, 12:25:23 PM »
I've not posted for a long long time.   But Darwin is now 12.5yrs and it's over 5 years since his spinal surgery
He's now getting to the stage of being completely bowel incontinent, which is driving us completely around the bend, and we've getting to breaking point.

So wondering if switching to to a low residue kibble will help.  Has anyone got any recommendations ?  He's currently on Barking Heads Chicken, which up to now has worked well

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Re: Bowel Incontinency
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2021, 01:31:33 PM »
I can really relate to you with Darwin - Ollie however is with the bladder ( he is 13 and on steroids and water tabs due to illness) 

Like many cockers he has always had sensitive tum and it flares up more now.  While I manage it well with a a mix of 3 things Natures Deli wet food either salmon or senior, with added white flaked fish and and senior chicken rice kibble - I did discuss his tummy a couple months back with vet and she suggested I look to Hills I/D which I understand is in kibble and wet tin food (Ollie would not eat kibble alone >:( ) while I have never used it I was told the output on Hills would be less.  So it will be my back up if needed.  The output was because I mentioned he has bouts of the runs.

For his flare ups I use Dorwest bark powder which is slipper elm it usually settles the runs down within a day or two and I just give white fish and boiled rice. The other suggestion would be probiotics which help the digestion, but I think with Darwin it is different and muscle nerve loss.

I hope others come along with advice soon.

Take care
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