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Puppies / Re: Breeder second thoughts?
« Last post by Katrina on Today at 02:23:23 PM »
Hello - I'm not a dog expert by any means... however I just wanted to add that a friend of mine was allowed to collect her pup early at 7.5 weeks. Then he had an accident which led to significant vet bills (poor little puppy).  The insurance wouldn't cover them because they collected the puppy before 8 weeks and that invalidated the policy.

This is a small detail but might have big repercussions - so just FYI
Feeding / Re: help with raw feeding puppy
« Last post by dave w on Today at 10:07:06 AM »
i ended up buying some raw puppy food from nutriment as a shop local to me stocks it, changed him over to it in one go and he loves it ,so far so good.
Puppies / Re: Breeder second thoughts?
« Last post by vixen on Today at 07:28:37 AM »
I think you should trust your instincts that are telling you that something doesnít seem right.
Before getting my new puppy, I had contact with someone I thought was reputable.  They were evasive when I asked about health certificates and I was told I would see them when I collected the puppy.  They also wanted a large sum of money in cash as a deposit.  Things I was told just didnít ring true.  I was shown a bitch who had given birth and told she was the mother yet I wasnít allowed to see her with her pups ????  There were at least 4 other litters on the premises who she could have been the mother of. I felt very uncomfortable and thought I was being paranoid when I was told that I was the fussiest person he had ever met. The puppy I was offered was lovely though (but most puppies are anyway).  The breeder didnít ask anything about my experience as an owner either.
I eventually walked away but still think of the pup I could have had and whether he has a good home.
In contrast, the next breeder on initial contact grilled me.  I felt as though I was being interviewed.  They wanted to know everything about me, my previous experience as a dog owner, who lived at home, how often/long the dog would be left, size of garden, closeness to walks etc.  I didnít mind being asked as it was such a relief to to find a breeder so determined to get the right homes for his pups.  The puppies had been well socialised as kept in the house with all the usual nosies and also taken to visit other households, taken out in car, handled by different ages etc.  A few days after the telephone conversation I was told I could visit the pups.  I saw puppiesí mum first and then the puppies ran out and they were lovely together  :luv:   It was obvious she was their mum as they all tried to suckle from her  :005:  and she allowed it.  He explained that as I wanted a bitch, he felt it really important to make sure the new owner didnít just want a breeding machine.  He didnít want a deposit either.  I selected a little girl which was very difficult as all the puppies were lovely and about 10 days later collected her.
Since collecting her, the breeder has kept in touch asking how she is getting on.  The whole experience has been very very positive. 
My previous 2 cockers were not raised in a house but in an outside kennel so didnít benefit from the socialisation that my new puppy had but when I got them I quickly exposed them to lots of new things and they soon became very confident girls as they were of the age when they take most things in their stride (7 weeks at the time but now I think the minimum age is 8 weeks)
There are lots of things in your post that donít ring true to me.  Trust your instincts.  There are lots of puppies out there at the moment from responsible caring breeders so look around and find one that you are comfortable with
Puppies / Breeder second thoughts?
« Last post by jillpoppy78 on Yesterday at 08:05:06 PM »
Hello. I have a lovely 11 month old blue roan cocker (show type) and have been on the waiting list for a second from a very reputable breeder. I visited the litter today. They are 6 weeks old and have been reared indoors but recently went to a shed style set up in the garden. Mum stopped feeding at 2 weeks and has had minimal contact since. The breeder has other dogs but they are also not having contact with these. Mum is 2 and appears very nervous but not aggressive, and apparently has been a good mum to the pups. The birth was traumatic and she had a caesarean. I am slightly concerned firstly by the nervousness of the mum, who has been shown as a puppy but then not since then due to lockdown. Is it normal for the mums to be like this after birth? And also by the lack of socialisation for the pups. I would like reassurance I'm being daft as she is such a reputable breeder. She has other adult dogs that she also does not allow off the property due to risk from other dogs. Is this normal for high level show breeders? It's just the shed rearing makes me a little nervous as they are missing out on all the usual household noises and contact. She has a large garden but they are not allowed outside? The pups look in beautiful condition. She also did not ask any questions about us? We have a cocker that was sired by one of her stud dogs and perhaps she knows from her friend that we are fine so didn't need to ask? I guess I'm comparing her to other breeders rearing methods and it does seem a little old school. The cocker we have is lovely but we got her in January 2021 at the height of lockdown so she is still a little timid. We have worked so hard to give her daily positive experiences of other dogs to built her confidence. But I really had hoped to not have to do so again to such an extent. I am concerned this new pup will also be quite timid due to lack of socialisation pre collection? Can this be overcome if we go all out on the socialisation when we get her? She also wants us to collect at 7.5 weeks. Thoughts appreciated xx
Puppies / Re: Biting question
« Last post by Katrina on Yesterday at 06:40:38 PM »
Ha!! A house of giant chew toys... a dogs dream!!!

Thanks - we'll keep swapping for chews and persevere.
Health / Re: Back Problem UPDATE
« Last post by Ben's mum on Yesterday at 04:29:59 PM »
Great news 💕💕 welcome home Humphrey xx
Puppies / Re: Biting question
« Last post by ejp on Yesterday at 01:05:11 PM »
Funnily enough my fleecy dressing gown was the only item of clothing Daisy ever nibbled or pulled on.  I am not sure you will be able to stop this, you may just be another chew toy now  :D
Puppies / Re: Biting question
« Last post by Katrina on September 24, 2021, 09:16:39 PM »
Anyone? Any thoughts??
Puppies / Re: New and a bit overwhelmed!
« Last post by Katrina on September 24, 2021, 08:59:09 PM »
Hi Mrs Moo!

Thanks so much for your ideas. I really appreciate them!

Yes he's definitely overtired! Today he's wild in the evening and just can't settle - he reminds me of my son when he was a screaming, overtired toddler!

I can find lots of information about maximum crate times at once and about how much sleep puppies should get. I cant find how long it's fair to crate him in total over 24 hours... he only consistently settles in his crate, but I don't want him to spend hours in the crate overall. So I grapple with guilt that he's not resting vs guilt that he's crated.   >:(

None of this is helped as he has eaten something that has disagreed with him and he's had a dodgy tummy. We've been avoiding treats and he's been on chicken/rice so I'm finding it difficult to do training with him. So many "brain games" are also food based so I think he's under-stimulated too. So without training... he's making up his own "jobs" to keep himself busy (chewing his lead is #1)

I feel like we're really messing this up today :(
Health / Re: Back Problem UPDATE
« Last post by ejp on September 24, 2021, 08:44:35 PM »
Welcome home Humph  :luv: :luv: :luv: you little superstar, and of course everyone loved you  :luv: It will definitely take a while, but you are going in the right direction, fantastic news, so happy for you.
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