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The Solid Colours Cocker Spaniel Association Championship Show 28th October 2017


Entry for our championship show is available online at Fosse Data

or if you prefer a schedule, please contact the Secretary
Michele Lockwood
Tel: 01844 761236 E-mail:

Open to all KC recognised colours, not just solids.

We look forward to seeing you  :D

How nice to see a new post on this section Michele; sad that no-one posts here any more!

Obviously I cant show under the bitch judge but I will be coming to watch with a bit of luck!

Good luck for a very successful show

Thanks Sue, as has been said before Breed Clubs need all the support they can get, so I have tried to promote this as much as I can.
Look forward to seeing you on the day.  :D

Paper entries close today!  ;)

Final polite reminder
Online entries close at midnight TONIGHT


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