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I am having trouble uploading a new profile picture. Tried uploading from my pc and when that didn't work I tried the url option with a picture from imgbb. Problem is that when I click 'save' the page just goes blank and the next page does not load properly, when I go back into COL there is no profile picture. Has anyone else had this problem, or know how I can fix it?

ok - its probably the blind leading the blind here but this worked using my tablet.:

When the photo's been uploaded to Imgbb  there's a little box which says Viewer Links /Embed Codes and when you open that there are various options.  When you call up one of them, the link appears in the box beneath. There's a copy button on the right, and if you click that, it should copy and then you can paste or insert it to COL. I've just tried it with HTML image and also with BBCode full and both have worked but perhaps you need to try some others out to see what works. ....... :huh:

Best of luck!  :luv:

Thanks for trying  :luv:
I have tried pretty much every embed code after reading your suggestion, but nothing works. I'm wondering if there is a bug on the site or something. Because it just will not load the next page properly. On a few of the attempts the page loaded but no picture appeared, on the other attempts the page just went blank. Weird! I mean, I'll admit I'm not the best with computers, but I've changed profile pic before so I think something might be wrong.

Could be... :huh:
You could maybe try googling it, perhaps someone has some tips...-its probably something quite simple.
In the meantime, you have us all waiting impatiently in anticipation - it had better be good!!  :lol2: :lol2:



--- Quote from: bizzylizzy on February 25, 2020, 06:22:40 PM ---
its probably something quite simple.

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 :lol2: probably


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