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Just wanted to say hello. I'm the owner of a 6.5month chocolate cocker, Bonnie. I knew she would be high energy but hadn't anticipated the lack of being able to settle. She still has to be popped in her crate if we are to get any downtime during the day. She did not sleep through till she was 5.5 months and that really was hard. We are working with a trainer but boy this feels like an uphill struggle at the moment. Its just as well she is so beautiful.  Have to admit there are days I wonder if I've taken on more than I can handle but hoping that as she gets older and her walks can get longer it will all settle. Just need to sort the counter surfing, nipping when tired, barking and not settling to sleep outside the crate. Wish me luck. I'm sure I'll be asking for lots of advice

Hi and welcome to COL

It’s just like having a baby to begin with - routine in the day and night helps

My new addition goes from 10pm to 6am now (so why am I up at this hour, nothing to do with Ash  :shades: )

Look forward to seeing how you get on and would love to see pics of Bonnie

Hi and welcome to you and Bonnie!
You‘ve found the right place for help, support and  sympathy   :lol: As Cazza says, routine is the secret and remember that every phase will eventually pass (but usually opens up the way for a new one!  :005:). The cocker world is a wonderful journey, enjoy yourselves und keep us updated!

Hello and welcome. Bonnie sounds like a sweetheart and yes, routine is key. Pups are really hard work and cockers are no exception. It will be worth it, they are great wee dogs.

Hi to you and Bonnie - lots of advice on here and any queries post and an answer will be sure to follow.



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