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Rehomed a Many Tears lovely girl


Good Afternoon!
We have very recently rehomed a 4 year old ex breeding girl from Many Tears. We are experienced cocker owners albeit the last puppy we had was some 15 years ago!
Winnie has obviously never lived inside, seen cars, lived in a house etc but has been with lovely fosterers for the last week. She has recently been spayed. I would love to be in touch with anyone else that has rescued an ex breeder as have a few questions that dont seem to fit in a thread. Shes obviously got many new puppy traits albeit it at 4 years old!
Thank you

Hello, youíre very lucky to get her!
There are plenty people around with experience of ex breeders.  I had a springer ex breeder but she wasnít from a puppy farm However, she was a clingy nervous wreck, literally scared of her own shadow. She was confused by outdoor scents. However her brain was hardwired for chasing a pheasant on her second day. It took a year to adapt,  my neighbour had a rehomed stud dog, equally nervous. Sporting dogs like spaniels whether show type or working,   cant cope with being locked in any kennels. They donít always get their confidence back.
Start a new thread in one of the forumheadings to ask specific questions .  And we love photos!

Many thanks for your reply. Nice to know i'm not alone. will take your advice and ask specific questions and also work out how to do a photo!!

Hello yes 👍

We got Bailey from them last year. Feel free to ask away

Had a MT's girl a few years back, she was a darling, I loved her to pieces.  Looking back she needed space and time to learn and love.


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