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Back again Marna and Saartje


Marina and Saartje:
Hi there,
Not new but haven't been here for about four or five years so I thought an introduction would be in place.
I'm Marina and Saartje my beautiful cocker girl is still on the front page of cockersonline. She once won the most appaeling eyes in the photocompetition with this picture.

Saartje is 15 years and 5 months now. She is completely deaf an has cataract, but she enjoys her live as much as she can. She loves her food, she loves going out with us, although after a 10 minute walk she wil go in a stroller. She still loves her ball, but after one retrieve she keeps it in her mouth. She sleeps a lot, but I think that is normal with her age. Still we love her to bits.

Last year we moved from the Netherlands to France. I quit my job, we sold our house and bought a house in France wich we are currently renovating. It's in a stage in wich we can comfortably live in. It has a new kitchen, dinning- and living room all in one space. New flooring, painted ceiling, a new bathroom and seperate toilet, also a beautiful bedroom and spareroom/office. We have 2 acres of land with... no clue what to do to it atm.
Next big job will be making a B&B room. But we wait with that untill after summer. At the moment we have family and friends coming over. Because of Covid that wasn't possible earlier on.

If you want you can follow us on facebook:

Hello, lovely to hear from you again, and so amazing that you still have Saartje.  :luv:  It sounds like she is doing remarkably well.  You have obviously been busy in the last few years, nice to be able to make somewhere your own.  Covid will have kept family away, sadly, it can be lonely.  Anyway, lovely to hear from you again.

Hello and welcome back,

Covid has certainly done it's fair bit of damage in many respects, hopefully and fingers crossed we are getting on top of it now.  :shades:


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