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Mcafee Privacy Service


I have McAfee security suite 2004.
I cannot install the privacy service - it tells me it cannot load 'Central. dll'.
I didn't have problems until i had to restore my pc.
Central dll is listed in my files and i can't find out why it won't load.
This means i don't have any privacy protection at all.

I also get the message ' invalid registry/INI entry' - don't have a clue what that means.

Any ideas??

I can only suggest you reinstall the whole package from scratch - that usually sorts prob's such as this. It might let you try to repair if that doesn't work - I' d unistall and do a clean install as if from new.

Failing that - there'll prob be an answer on the McAfee site under support or knowledge base.

Have done about 5 complete re-installs today. <_<  I have been removing files in case they conflicted with the download but no luck yet.  Wouldn't mind but McAfee is sooo slow to load.. <_<
McAfee have yet to reply back to me :)
I've even rolled back my pc to a time it was working and it wouldn't work :lol:  <_<

oh dear  - that was going to be my next suggestion :(  Sorry don't know what else to suggest as you've done everything else. :(

Have finally got the privacy up and running  :D - now i have to work out why the personal firewall has decided it won't download  <_<  :D  
Here we go again...

Pc's don't you just love them :lol:  :lol:


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