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Feeding / Re: Feeding for Allergy
« Last post by rubyduby on Today at 01:15:17 PM »
My vet didnt seem interested r have a clue where to go, so I asked for a referral to a Dermatology specialist, hope they have more idea
Behaviour & Training / Yep another rubbish eater...ideas?
« Last post by rubyduby on Today at 01:11:36 PM »
Amber is a year old and all the time we have had her she has been an extremely fussy eater but likes any amount of poo, mud, etc, she has improved quite a lot but now has a fetish for vole hunting (wit hmy  older spaniel) and both will if not stopped eat young pinkies they find in the nests, BUT she also eats the hay that the vole nest is made of...this has been mentioned before, but seriously wondering if she shuld me nuzzled when running in the fields as I dont wantany problems with her habit??
Puppies / Re: What to do for the best
« Last post by Digger on Today at 01:05:23 PM »
Loving that note from Phoenix - how true that is!

Just wondering how you're getting on..?
Ours is 2.5 now and becoming much much better. We had Xmas tree out this year with presents and she didn't touch a thing.
Hope yours is improving.
Behaviour & Training / Re: separation anxiety
« Last post by rubyduby on Today at 01:04:24 PM »
We have a Cocker girl who is one year old , we have had her from 9 weeks, and she suffers from seperation anxiety even tho she has bonded very well with our older girl who is 9,if we go out the younger, Amber will be fine for a sort time, then realises we have gone and will fret and whinge till we get back, we too are home most of the time, ...she is also not a brilliant traveller which makes even going out a chore, I have had Cockers for 40 yrs and se is the first to have the issues, she also suffers allergies, eats rubbish etc etc, unlike any other....
Behaviour & Training / Re: Digging the carpet before sleeping
« Last post by Ben's mum on Today at 09:44:14 AM »
My 10 year old Harry does it too 🙂 I can cope with him digging on the carpet but he does the same on the settee which scratches it and drives me mad!! Whats worse is sometimes I am upstairs and can hear him digging the settee, so I bellow down the stairs and he stops, I come down and OH is sat next to him and hasn't even noticed him doing it...😲
Behaviour & Training / Re: Digging the carpet before sleeping
« Last post by Jaysmumagain on Yesterday at 03:00:45 PM »
Got one here too....but only in the guest bedroom and it is attention seeking - beside the bed :shades:, it a long pile carpet and it's like he's digging down to Australia, yep the minute you appear he scurries off, it's so funny with me it's like he's thinking I'll get her attention, how dare she iron and ignore me(do iron in next room).
Don't you just love there ways :005:
Ollie is 100% obsessed, walks with OH are less stressful because the guarding of me is not required :D, but he is 100% certain I am his and I have a cocker eye on me most of the time, he is twelve and there has been no decease...never had a dog like it before....the velcro cocker thing me thinks.
Grooming / Re: Grooming Ears
« Last post by Andrea Ellie on Yesterday at 10:52:23 AM »
Thank you everyone for your advice...just used the spratts comb on Ellie's ears and it's worked perfectly. So much easier than a brush and seemed to handle the thicker hair easily.
Behaviour & Training / Re: Digging the carpet before sleeping
« Last post by Digger on Yesterday at 09:18:52 AM »
*sorry- ' his'
Behaviour & Training / Re: Digging the carpet before sleeping
« Last post by Digger on Yesterday at 09:16:37 AM »
Mine does this too.
I agree I think it's a natural behaviour and not really their fault.
Our dog only does it for short spells so touch wood no damage so far but I do have a few ideas:
1) we notice its worse if her paws are wet, so always dry between her toes.
2) She loves to do it on our long pile rug (maybe because that gets between the toes?) .so maybe you could get her a little long pile rug of her own.?
3) (Caution-I think this depends on the dog wether they're ok with it) but sometimes ours comes up when we're still in bed at the weekend and thinks she'll start digging our bedclothes and nice new throw...We gently push her over so she falls on her side!
I say caution because there are probably plenty of dogs who would not tolerate this but ours (now 2.5) has been SO NAUGHTY as a pup and in her early months that she has had so much manhandling with time outs etc and is very affectionate and loves being touched so it's fine. After a couple of pushes over accompanied by a ' no- no digging  you'll go out' she just settles down.
You probably can't eradicate that behaviour alltogether but if you can minimise it it's fine.

Good luck!

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