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Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: Lip fold infection
« Last post by henrys mum on Today at 07:14:33 PM »
The vet has contacted me today with Henrys results. He has a fungal infection and has been prescribed doggy metronidazol for this and also another antibiotic.

I asked about using colloidal silver to clean his infected areas. I was advised NOT to use it near the mouth or anywhere it can be licked off as it could cause problems if it is ingested.

Puppies / Re: What colour is my cocker going to be?
« Last post by rosiesmum54 on Today at 08:58:56 AM »
Good luck with your new baby. She definitely seems to be blue roan in the 4 week picture. Gorgeous. I am 5 weeks away from getting my orange roan girl and honestly have never checked my calendar so much! Lots of videos and photos from the breeder do help. Enjoy
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: Sad update on Charlie
« Last post by Jaysmumagain on Today at 08:53:09 AM »
I am so sorry to read about Charlie,  I know what heartache you are feeling, yet what a wonderful vet you have so utterly understanding.

Sleep softly darling Charlie and know how much you are still loved.
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: Sad update on Charlie
« Last post by Suzyrus on Today at 06:46:47 AM »
Thank you for your lovely comments. The pain is so hard but it does help x
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: Sad update on Charlie
« Last post by ejp on Yesterday at 07:53:24 PM »
  :bigarmhug: I am so sorry  :'(  Such a difficult call to make. You did everything you could and made all the right choices for Charlie. What a lovely way to go, loved and cherished and in the arms of those he loved. Chester will grieve too. It's only natural. Charlie is pain free and waiting for you at rainbow bridge. Run free Charlie  :luv:
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: Sad update on Charlie
« Last post by bizzylizzy on Yesterday at 05:46:21 PM »
So sorry, -nothing can take the pain away but Im sure the vets sensitive approach ensured that Charlie went over the bridge without stress or pain and that will be of comfort to you.
Sending  :bigarmhug: to both you and Chester. Thinking of you,,and of Woodlander still,  - what a sad week its been  :'(
Behaviour & Training / Re: Bitch humping a puppy!
« Last post by Mari on Yesterday at 05:05:43 PM »
Humping can be a way for dogs to react to stress. Especially young dogs can start humping other dogs when they need a break, could be overexitement, could be frustration. Dogs can also jump on other dogs and pin them down when they feel like the other dog is crossing a line. Either way I would separate them so they can both have a rest when this behaviour starts. Puppies can be annoying and usually get more bitey and crazy when they are starting to get tired. And since Lady tolerates a lot from Ralph, she deserves a break when he gets to be too much :) I'm sure there could be other reasons too. But it usually helps to give the baby a time out to remind them to take naps between play sessions, and give the older one a rest from the sharp puppy teeth and questionable manners  :005:
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: Sad update on Charlie
« Last post by woodlander on Yesterday at 05:00:06 PM »
So sorry to hear your news of Charlie.  He was so loved and a wonderful life with you which makes it all the more painful.  We are a week into our lives without Sweep - we try and think of all the good times and we know shes in a better place without pain and so is Charlie.
Perhaps theyve met up  ;) and are running about at the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge.
Archie our springer has been a bit lost this week but is getting used to our new situation.  Weve just tried to keep to a routine with him & given him lots of cuddles  :luv:
Big hugs to you
Oldies (Over 9s) / Sad update on Charlie
« Last post by Suzyrus on Yesterday at 04:44:56 PM »
Sadly we had to have our beautiful, adorable boy Charlie put to sleep this morning. We are absolutely heartbroken. We took him to our local vet and they were just perfect. We went into the garden at the vet. She bought us a blanket for me, hubby and Charlie to sit on. She then came and gave Charlie an injection. He laid down in both our arms and slowly went to sleep. She kept coming back out to check on us. She allowed us to have as long as we wanted. The sun came out and Charlie was snoring. We had about 30 minutes with him. She then carried Charlie into the vets to give him his final injection. He really did have the perfect send off. She never mentioned the money just said have as long as you want sat in the garden and we will be in touch next week.
The pain for us is unbearable but we have our little cavapoo Chester to help get through this. He has never been apart from Charlie since the day we bought him home 8 years ago. Just hoping hes going to be ok 😁
Introductions / Re: Struggling first time owner - help!
« Last post by OffMyCocker on September 19, 2020, 12:51:55 PM »
It also sounds like you've worked pretty hard for her too. I have a reactive dog so know how hard some days can be

It definitely is hard work owning a reactive! There are a LOT of ups and downs, but today I'm feeling positive and counting my blessings that my little girl is extremely cuddly at home!

How long have you had your reactive dog and how's it going?
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