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Puppies / Re: Advice on potential ‘failed’ gundog puppy - 6 months
« Last post by ips on Today at 08:25:06 PM »
First off the term "failed" means that the current trainer does not see FT potential which could be for s very minor issue that most of us wouldn't see or if we did may not be bothered about but FT breeders / trainers have many dogs to bring on and can afford to move on dogs for minor issues (in there eyes).
I got Eze at 6 months the bloke I got her from had only just started to introduce her to the dummy and to hunting so in reality she was a blank canvas. She was kenneled and was no problem to house train in fact we only had one or two accidents before she got the message. You will have a fun journey but be under no illusions that a  FT bred WC will demand a lot of mental stimulation, you will never tire him/her out with free running alone, plus his/her hunt, chase, kill, retrieve drive will be high so you will need to train some kind of break or stop to flush if you want to go off lead countryside walkies.......enjoy your journey 👍
 :banana: :banana: Super!! He sounds perfect!!
I think others on here will probably have better advice on house training a young dog, although I imagine it won‘t be all that different to training a puppy really. I‘d take him out regularly at first and praise and treat everytime he does anything.
If you’re using a crate to start with, I‘d think an old blanket, maybe with an old towel on the top would do until you’re confident he‘s latched on to toilet training, you can get a proper bed later.
I didn‘t use either pads or newspaper when Humphrey was a puppy, I just took him out every couple of hours, after meals, after his naps, and after playing and he was fine, he picked it up pretty quickly. I‘d imagine with yours, as he‘d older and, as you say, has control he should be ok once he‘s settled in.
Looking forward to hearing more, have you decided on a name?
General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Re: Advent calendar for the cocker
« Last post by ejp on Today at 06:56:20 PM »
That's a genius idea!  :clapping: good for you, Laurie will love it  :luv:
Puppies / Re: Advice on potential ‘failed’ gundog puppy - 6 months
« Last post by ejp on Today at 06:53:45 PM »
Thank you for the update, I have been thinking about how it was all going today.  Sounds like you have had a brilliant day.  I'm a little bit jealous, ok, I am a lot jealous!   :005:  Toilet training an ex puppy farm breeding dog around 3/4 years old, we took the following approach.  Pro actively take him out to the garden, when he does a wee or poo, lots of praise.  He won't know where he supposed to 'go' and where the door is to get out, so it is up to you to show him all that.  Anytime he does it outside whether on walks or in the garden, lots of praise.  If he has an accident, no fuss, just clean up.  A solution that has biological washing powder/liquid is best as it breaks down the enzymes and does a better job of removing smells so he is less likely to return to the same spot.  So first thing in the morning, regularly through the day after food and naps.  As for a bed, if you have a crate, cover it so the back and sides are enclosed, and just let that be his safe place.  We never shut the crate door, but Daisy is older, she goes in and out at will.  Again, we never reach in and disturb her, if we want her to come out, we call her.  She loves a snooze in there, and snores loudly! The first few weeks we had her, I fed her in there so she knew it was her spot.  If you get some vet bed it is snuggly, washes and dries really easily.  That way you are not spending a fortune on beds until you get an idea of how he will be.  You can get it on ebay at a decent price.  I predict you will have beds all over the house, they do like their comforts  :luv:
Hello all,

So I went to visit and of course he was beautiful! He was very friendly and happy but calmed right down when I was chatting. I met his mum and watched her do some work with some homing pigeons and a cap gun, she was incredible! Very calm also and extremely focused on her job! Met his grandad too, the whole family!

So he will be coming to live with me next week and so now I must quickly prepare! I will I think let him settle and then start some gentle training, he already knows a few things. One question I have for you all, how would I best toilet train him? I assume not as a very young people as he'll have more control....I'm assuming there will be some accidents, luckily I have wooden floors! Would I need puppy pads for training for is he too old for that?

Also, I'm struggling to know what to buy him to sleep on, just a small bed for his create?

Thanks again all! Very excited, he is a black beauty! He needs a good wash though, kennel life is not fresh!
Certainly sounds like fun, have to get our thinking caps on  :clapping:

I agree about the price of the doggy advent calendars, some of them are just ridiculous.

Puppies / Re: 12 weeks puppy uncontrollable specially after 6 pm
« Last post by bizzylizzy on Today at 09:37:11 AM »
Have a nosey through some of the old threads, either under Puppies or Behaviour and Training, there are lots of discussions on walking and achieving (or not  :lol2:) loose lead walking. My advice is to start good lead behaviour as early as possible and above all be consistent. Cockers are renowned for pulling and the earlier you start the better, before the bad habits set in!
Puppies / Re: 12 weeks puppy uncontrollable specially after 6 pm
« Last post by Seb2020 on Today at 07:23:02 AM »
Thank you all for you encouraging words! We have indeed tried to give Seb more down time in a quieter corner of the house, including when is family dinner time....and he seems to like it! When the ankles bitting starts to be too much we are consistently taking him to a calmer area .
And Seb can indeed be very cuddly....sleeping on my nap as I type!
Some many new situations to learn about.... any good threads on 1st walks and successfully letting them out of the lead?
Have a good weekend everyone!
Mari, that‘s a great idea!!!!   :clapping:
I‘m certainly going to (attempt to) follow you.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, I‘ll start making my list today ....... :D
Puppies / Re: Advice on potential ‘failed’ gundog puppy - 6 months
« Last post by AndyB on Today at 06:29:06 AM »
ejp is bang on.   :luv:  He will transform your life, he will be your loving companion, your best friend and will make you laugh every day.  He will bring enormous joy to you.  Cockers are just wonderful, amazing dogs.
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