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Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: ollie smell down below
« Last post by elaine.e on Today at 06:33:53 PM »
If he doesn't drink much and is fed dry food he may not have enough moisture in his diet and could be producing very concentrated pee. Watch him when he pees and try to judge the colour. Ideally it should be pretty much colourless. The stronger the colour, the more concentrated it is and I don't think that's good for the kidneys. If it's a strong colour you might be best to take him and a pee sample to the vet, just to be on the safe side.

My oldie William, who's 14, is raw fed, so gets most of his moisture from his food, which is probably just as well because he never seems to drink much. I watch him when he pees and if it looks or smells strong I add some extra water to his raw meals for a couple of days. If his pee still looked or smelled strong after that I'd take him to the vet.
General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Re: Howling ?!
« Last post by Finvarra on Today at 06:16:53 PM »
Dylan sometimes howls in his sleep. He lifts his head and gives the most plaintive heart rending howl for about a minute, doesn?t wake him up, just settles back down in his sleep. He sleeps in the bedroom so it wakes us up, probably about once a month. He doesn't know he's doing it, bit like talking in your sleep I suppose.

Lesley and Dylan
Puppies / Re: Trained to wee on newspaper what now?
« Last post by Curlywurly on Today at 06:05:04 PM »
Well I think pippin May have heard me as she?s been dry for 4 nights so I think she?s getting it.  Thanks for the advice, I have removed the newspaper. 
I wish we could keep away from other dogs more Gazrob but it's hard in built up areas. It seems Tali is fine - he has not really continued to show any signs of anxiety, after an initial wariness, but I have kept him away from other dogs and try to visit the park when it is quieter. I on the other hand am a bundle of nerves - trying to keep this to a minimum as I am aware he might pick up on it but it's not easy. He generally has very little interest in other dogs anyway - he is more focused on us as we always play games and do training with him - it's other dogs who bother us, I have to say this is getting on my nerves, when we are approached by dogs just running loose and far from their owners.

Also, the police spoke to the owner of the other dog yesterday who told them he has kept his dog muzzled since it attacked Tali, as he doesn't want to lose it. Apparently it has never done this before. He says his vet told him it was a Staffordshire Bull terrier crossed with an unknown breed so the police have told him to keep it muzzled, particularly because of this. It's made me feel a bit less anxious that it is now muzzled even though it is only one of many potentially dangerous dogs - but logic doesn't seem to be playing a very large part in my reaction to any of this!
General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Re: Howling ?!
« Last post by Barry H on Today at 09:15:38 AM »
No, Jack has complete disinterest in toys of any kind.  He occasionally howls like a banshee in the middle of the night - and he sleeps in the kitchen so you get the full echo chamber effect... 

Have no idea what the cause is.  Just a bad dream I expect.  First time it happened I had a brown trouser moment as I woke and thought my end was nigh...  Now I just ignore him (as much as you can ignore a wailing dog).  Usually lasts 5-10 seconds then back to sleep...
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: ollie smell down below
« Last post by Jaysmumagain on Yesterday at 09:40:36 PM »
I haven't noticed a dribble - but he is a monkey at not drinking.  Will keep an eye on him and look out for baby wipes just to try
General Cocker Spaniel Discussion / Howling ?!
« Last post by Leo0106 on Yesterday at 09:14:05 PM »
Does anyone's cocker howl when they play with a squeeky toy?? I rotate leos toys (he has about 1000 toys  :005: )
Recently I found a blue squeeky ball which he looovvveeesss.. the last few nights he grabs it to play with and inbetween squeaking he starts grumbling away at it and then breaks out into a full harmony of howling. He's never howled in his life!

Hilarious and just want to know if others do the same. (Also want to just make sure that it isn't a sign he's distressed or anything... it's a very loud squeek!)
Oldies (Over 9s) / Re: ollie smell down below
« Last post by phoenix on Yesterday at 08:10:49 PM »
Granddaughter gets water based babywipes used on her,  but only for poo.   
Have you noticed the colour of Ollies?s wee, in case it is very yellow and smellier.   Might need to drink more , dilute the wee and have a stronger flow!  Or like gentlemen of a certain age, have a bit of a dribble from an enlarged prostate!
Behaviour & Training / Re: I think my dog is confused!
« Last post by BonnieScot on Yesterday at 06:53:28 PM »
This made me smile!

Bon and I have had all these adventures- short leads, long leads, stopping and starting, sometimes getting better, other times a lunge that almost takes your shoulder out (she's 18KG and determined), buckets of treats, 300 peck, you name it we've tried it. I've come to think that just 'loose' leash has been tainted for us- I've been so inconsistent over the years that she has no real idea of what I want despite me thinking it's really clear. I once spent months counting that she would take about 8 steps, get to the end of the leash, ping round and come to my side like an angel, then ping on 8 steps and on and on and on. It's incredibly wearying.

This summer we've had some improvement using Sophia Yin's method, and I think the key there is that she's precise about WHERE the dog is and therefore the cue (for the human) to stop is clear. Bon is definitely being reinforced by the environment and I think it's probably key to control in a sensible way. But I've lots to learn- I spent ages letting her roam around at the end of a 5m line letting her have sniffing on free vend on the basis that I was providing enrichment. Made my own bed....

There should be a support group especially for this.
Behaviour & Training / Re: I think my dog is confused!
« Last post by its.sme on Yesterday at 04:14:43 PM »
I think sometimes we inadvertently teach.

When Bea was a pup I was so worried about lung worm that I would pick up all the snails and slugs from the garden to keep her safe...Bea learnt to pick up snails :lol2:

The word Coffee said on the walk = Bea running to the Cafe instantly  :luv:

Digger, is it possible that you dog thinks that this is what is expected of her on the lead ?
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