Author Topic: 8 month cocker - grooming issues  (Read 661 times)

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8 month cocker - grooming issues
« on: August 11, 2021, 12:07:25 PM »

I have an 8 month cocker who is super lovely and everything I ever wanted in a canine best friend. I had three blue roan spaniels consecutively growing up and they're the only breed I ever considered getting.

Jack is clingy and follows me everywhere, but am reasonably confident I can make progress there. He barks and whinnies a bit when left alone but don't think it's 'separation anxiety' per se, he just prefers company.

What's making ME anxious is grooming, or to be specific, fur and claw trimming. I've spent around 6 weeks getting him accustomed to a super-quiet grinder and he'll tolerate it turned on and tapping his paws. But any attempt to lift his paw and he pulls away.

I'm hoping his claws will wear down naturally as he's walked daily on concrete, but that still leave the dew claws...

His first trip to the groomer resulted in him being washed (he actually jumps into the bath!) but that was as far as she got. She couldn't get anywhere near him with scissors or clippers, just too wriggly.

It feels like I've almost broken the internet looking for tips, ideas and solutions and the worry that this is how it'll always be is hugely detracting from the joy of having a puppy.

I've got a high workbench which now plan to groom him on daily with high-value treats, but so far (day 3) he's refusing to even sniff at his treats and just tries to get away.


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Re: 8 month cocker - grooming issues
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2021, 09:05:06 PM »
Did the groomer use a dryer on him? That may have spooked him.   The shop may have been a bit disturbing for a first visit.
Has he had his puppy fluff taken off yet. I used a Mars coat king on Bobby, which removed a cushionful.  He was good with that, but wouldn’t let me do scissors. He was traumatised at one groomer, a busy place. Then by word of mouth I found a quiet,calm,  confident lady, who had done courses on dog psychology.  Difficult dogs were sent to her, she practically hypnotised them with her soft voice and stroking.
I’ve read that to start feet,  preferably with a helper, lift one paw backwards  and hold it while you scissor round the paw on the ground.  When you want to trim under the paw, a groomer showed us a way to hold the leg still at the shoulder joint,  then tip the paw backwards and trim with scissors.   At home ,  my daughter just had to have OH pin her dog down on the grass!
RIP Marti  the EPI springer age 12,  and beloved black cocker Bobby, 8 yrs old, too soon, from PLN.
Now owned by TInker, tiny hairy grey poodle/terrier rescue from Greece and Jack, local rescue,   scruffy ginger terrier mutt.