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Our server control panel is approaching End Of Life (EOL) so in order to maintain stability we need to move the website over to a new server. This operation is planned for tonight (11th November) after 11pm.
There will be a period of downtime and all Web and email services will be unavailable. All functionality should be restored by tomorrow morning.
Apologies for the short notice but a window of opportunity popped up so thought we'd best get it done.
We've been able to improve our server and infrastructure thanks to your kind donations. Hope to be back up and running very soon!


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And many thanks to you for keeping us going Stueymac!! 👍

Brilliant - hope it goes smoothly Stu  ;)

We appear to be back online as of 8am this morning.
Please report any errors or unusual forum behaviour here or to


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Mods, a favour if you could.
Would you be able to send an email to
Just need to test incoming email from external IPs.
Ta muchly [emoji4]

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