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My bitch is 8 months old and kc registered
I dont know if I will breed from her and I know I'd have to wait until she's around 2
But I'm just asking would I need permission from the breeder for any puppies to keep the kc registration?
Many thanks

Hi not sure as I have never bred from any of mine. Did you get a contract from the breeder?

The best person to ask, as assuming you donít want to ask the breeder, is to contact the kennel club.

You would have to ensure you had all the relevant tests done on your girl and ensure the stud dog also had all the relevant tests and paper work

Not really my thing, but I think some breeders put a sort of  endorsement on their pups papers which stops the new owner breeding and selling on pups, but like Cazza says, best to get info from those in the know.

Good luck

I had a " not for breeding" clause on my paperwork that came with my border terrier bitch.

You need to check your registration document for any endorsements applied by the breeder. If your girl is "endorsed" you will need to speak to the breeder and ask for the endorsement to be lifted before you can consider mating her. If you mate an "endorsed not for breeding" bitch you will be unlikely to be able to register the litter with The Kennel Club. Can I also suggest you check that all health checks required for the breed have been carried out if you decide to pursue your consideration to mate your cocker.


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