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Good Morning All

recently joined this forum but have been reading and using the advice for some time - it has been very useful.

first time dog owners who have a 6 month old black working type cocker (we got him as a pup at 8 weeks) need all the support/advice we can get. Loving having our new family member but have had moments of distraction/frustration in between the fantastic experience of having a cocker. I have never spoken to so many new people when out and about as i have since having our pup - he is very sociable and demands (very nicely by sitting and wagging) attention from almost everyone we meet or pass whilst out on walks.

Hi and welcome, glad you found us!
As you‘ve probably already found out, this is a wonderful place to share the joys (and frustrations  :lol2:) of all things cocker, look forward to hearing more from you! x

Welcome - it is indeed a challenge at first with these mad cockers but they soon win over our hearts.

If you have any queries just post and I am sure some one will come up with some advice.


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