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Really silly poop question...

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I donít have young children but I HAVE to get the poo up as soon as its done.  I just canít bear the thought that it could be trodden in and I just hate to see it in the garden so I think I am probably as quick as you collecting it  :005: :005:

I scoop using a cat litter scoop and place them in a bag. Again the weather dictates on bag renewal

Regular collection using biodegradable bags.

immediate poo picks up using shovel and trowel due to golden boy who would savour it if left down (I too don't like the idea of leaving it in case I step in it in the dark and bring it indoors on shoes) >:D

I use a strong supermarket bag placed in a bucket, for outside use (walkies etc), I use biodegradable bags.

Obviously I use bags out and about.  But I have hedges all round my garden (I live in the sticks) and so I just pick up the poop with a trowel and chuck into the hedge. It decomposes pretty quickly outside so no, my garden doesn't smell of dog poo, although it might make a good security fence  :lol2:


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