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Hello fellow cocker parents!

We had a bit of an issue with Max when giving him food. He would look at his kibble and just walk away from it and not eat it. We thought it might be that he's bored of that particular flavour so we went online and bought 3 different flavoured bags from the same brand (James Wellbeloved). Well, the 2 days after changing the flavour, he was completely out of sorts, really bad runny poo, not himself at play time or with other dogs. So we did a bit of research and figured we can give him regular food which is actually BETTER for dogs than kibble and wet food. We spoke to a holistic vet and she mentioned that dog illnesses and diseases have actually gone up since kibble and wet food was introduced around 50 years ago and that normal food is the way to go.

So we now feed him rice, pasta, potatoes, fish, meat, all sorts of veg, porridge oats, eggs, etc..... literally every meal is different for Max and he hasn't been ill ONCE. Stools are perfect everytime, his coat is shinier, he has great energy. All in all, great.

We cook the rice and potatoes in advance of his meal and make batches. Same with the meat (mostly chicken and/or off cuts). It can be super easy to cook for him and he loves it.

We would definitely recommend moving your pup/ dog off kibble and wet food if you find yourself in a similar position as we were in when changing flavours of kibble.

Cheers guys and Cockers rule  :clapdance:

Nothing really beats home made with fresh ingredients whether it be for us hoomans or our furry friends!  :shades:

We've done exactly the same with great results! She does have a bit of forthglade for convenience but prefers the home cooked food. I batch cook when I can and freeze portions so there's always something ready on busy days. Bonny has tinned sardines a couple of times a week too mixed with brown rice and veg. Maybe we should start posting recipes!

I feed Ash a mixture too, but her main food is still a kibble- we moved her on to orijen itís as close to raw in a kibble you can get (expensive erm yes but cost per meal works out ok )

I like using a kibble as I donít give her all free food (what we call free food is food in a bowl) she gets her meals divided into 3, a third in a flying saucer, a third in a treat ball and the last third is split into 2 where one is for training ( which is used first, and the remainder as free food)

So every meal she gets some training then free food then mental stimulation by having to work the ball and flying saucer to get the rest


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