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What chews/toys do you recommend??

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Hi all

Oscar is getting a little bored with the array of toys we have. I do try to rotate them, but think something new would be good.

What are your favourite chews and/or brain puzzles for puppies?

He's 18 weeks now.


My puppy has an assortment of toys.  Maisie (14 weeks) loves her squeaky hedgehog.  She has a teething ring which she is very aggressive with .The noises that come from her as she attacks it   :o  She has a tugger which she enjoys playing with too.  She has several kongs, the classic one and also a stuff a ball.  To help with her teeth she has an antler and a yak.  I also stuff the kongs and freeze them to give her variety.  With all these toys she still prefers my slippers though  :005:  and if anything drops on the floor that is always so much more interesting than her toys.  There is a plastic plant pot outside that she stole from the shed and that is another favourite toy for her.  I think it is the fact that she found it herself and knows she shouldn’t have it  :005:

Hi Katrina!

My girl loves her nylabones - I got a 3 pack for different ages/stages and the nobbly one is her favourite to chew on. She also likes her Kong, which I stuff with kibble and peamutt butter (see what they did there!) from Pets at Home and that settles her down nicely in the evening. I find yak chews wind her up a bit, but she will chew them for ages. I haven't introduced brain puzzles yet, but am interested to see what people recommend here too :D

I did try to put kibble under small plastic cones for her to 'find it' in the living room, but the cones were a lot more exciting than the kibble!! The only thing I could trade the cone she was running around the house with like a nutter for was some grated cheese, so I've now  accidentally created an extra high value item. But at least I now know her one weakness is cheese - like puppy like owner :005:

I too think the kong a good idea, filling it with things that take their time to dislodge.

Although my boy has long outgrown it.  All pets shops sell them

I made a certain toy high value which only comes out when I play with Ash (now nearly 9 months)

I also don’t feed Ash’s food all from a bowl (as that is free food) she has a treat ball and flying saucer that I put her food in and she has to work for it, also each meal I start with a good handful and do training with her before she gets the ball and flying saucer

I love kongs  too - some ideas for kongs below

A little kibble to stuff the hole, a squirt of soft cheese and a shape biscuit to make it harder to get to the delicious cheese

Same as above but with a little hotdog sausage

Tuna in some natural yoghurt- make sure to put a bit of kibble in the bottom first so the tuna mix doesn’t leak out - then freeze it

There are loads you can do with a Kong without buying the Kong fillers from the shop

Chews we have tried, yak, antler, nylabone and only the yak does madam take any interest in  :shades:


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