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What chews/toys do you recommend??

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--- Quote from: bizzylizzy on October 31, 2021, 06:29:52 AM ---

Humphrey gets a bit possessive with balls so I only let him have them occasionally. I‘ve found the Chuckit balls good, they‘re very durable and are better for their teeth, The covering of tennis balls is very abrasive and if chewed a lot can damage the teeth. Chuckits also float which can be useful for games in the water (or not, as the case may be  :shades: we‘ve lost a couple downstream!  :lol2:) They‘re a bit pricier but worth it in the long run I reckon.

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Ooo I wonder if those are the one Ash has found  :005: she has found 4 balls when we have been out on walks, she just carries them home  ph34r

There's some great ideas here!

We have some king tennis balls which haven't been destroyed... yet! Oscar's christmas list is growing  :lol2:

Just resurrecting this thread... 

We've added yak chews to our repertoire and try different kong stuffing. He still hasn't figured out a way of getting at the food in there other than a slow lick.

This week his back teeth are really bothering him and he's started to rip apart his soft toys after chewing them with his molars. The toys we have seem to have fallen apart in minutes... we have one kong bear that has list both his ears, but is otherwise doing ok. Six other toys have been binned in the last couple of days.

Any ideas for tougher "teddy" toys?

I also have yak chews for my teething 5 month old.  I purchased the ones for medium dogs and they lasted about a week.  Next time, I purchased the bigger one (for big dogs) as I thought it would be the same only bigger but it is much harder and she really gnaws it with her back teeth.  It has lasted over 2 weeks so far and she’s not even half way through it yet.  She gnaws it every day and it does seem to help and it does tire her out. 
Sorry I don’t have any teddy recommendations but Maisie loves her rope tugger as another gnaw toy.

Thanks vixen! Yaks last us about a week too so I'll get a large one next time. Good tip!

He's not a huge fan of rope toys... even when I've frozen them for a bit of a change.


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