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What chews/toys do you recommend??

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Forgot to say that the brand of Yak I buy is Everest (from eBay). I prefer this brand as it lasts much longer than the other brands I have bought  ;)

We get the Everest ones too and they're great!

When Ivy's front and back teeth were coming in she destroyed every toy in her path (even ones claiming to be 'tough'), with the exception of this strange tugger toy:

She's not interested in the rope part, just the middle bit! Loves chewing it and she hasn't been able to chew it apart...yet.


Lobo do Mar:
Yakers, mediums are good for Salty
lasted much longer than all the others I tried, Salty loves them - especially when he gets the last bit microwaved all puffed up like that old-skool honeycomb sweet

Trixie Dog Activity Snack Ball, 9 cm
I just get a bag of posh expensive smelly kibble and use it as treats in this ball
keeps him off my back for a while and he loves it!

Kong Doggy ice cream in summer with frozen peanut butter (NB with no artificial sweeteners in it)


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