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As this is our first cocker spaniel we keep coming up with issues we have not experienced with other breeds we have had so here is our next dilemma. When taking our 4 month puppy out for walks he would constantly pull on the lead zig zagging all over the place. Rearing up wanting to play with everyone and dog who passes walking him was a nightmare. We decided to take him to puppy training classes and after 8 weeks he will walk to heel in the house, garden and on the quiet road outside the house. But as soon as we venture out of his comfort zone he reverts back to pulling and wanting to play with everyone and everything. We have tried all the training techniques when out but he just ignores all the cues and treats. Far too interested in smells, whatís going on around him and what he can pick up and eat. Are we expecting too much from him at 6 months, or have we got an over boisterous puppy. Even at puppy classes he was the most vocal and boisterous puppy in the class but picked up all the training very quick.  Anyone had similar experience with their puppy.

You have got a typical cocker spaniel puppy.    :005: :005:
The zig zagging is a characteristic trait.
I tried to get my puppy to walk to heel and used to get exasperated and frustrated.  Now, I am starting to relax a little and not expect her to walk glued to my knee.  She IS a 7 month old working cocker and the world is so exciting for her.  She is still only a baby and there are so many interesting things out there for her.
I have priorized what is really important to me and that is recall.  When out off lead she has very good recall and she is good with other dogs as she comes away when called.
She still jumps up when people approach her and I try to get her to sit before they pass but whilst she is on the lead that is difficult, even with treats. Strangely enough, when off lead and I see people approach, I can call her to me and she stays focused on me until they pass ( treats help this time  ;) )
My Maisie has been a very challenging puppy but I know she will settle down in time.
There are numerous threads on pulling and puppy biting on COL so they may reassure you that you donít have a over boisterous puppy - just a happy curious friendly boy.   :luv:

You could be describing my puppy!! She knows how to walk to heel and also knows I don't like her pulling, but as soon as she's on to a scent or there's something more interesting than me in the distance (usually a pigeon) - it's all out of the window.

We're also doing training classes and she's an absolute nightmare in the waiting room choking herself trying to get to other dogs, jumping up, and generally being a pest. When we get into the hall, she's an obedient angel picking up everything quickly and even being used as a demonstration dog (much to everyone who saw her in the waiting room's astonishment).

Our gundog trainer said that teaching heel should be one of the first things a lab learns, but one of the last things for a spaniel. I'm hoping this means walking to heel (or at least not pulling) will get easier as they get older and are less easily distracted / over-stimulated. I think at this age, the world is just too exciting as Vixen says.

Thanks for your replies itís nice to know there are others experiencing the same problem with walking on a lead. We have now started another training class which is outdoors on a secure field and the trainer has said cocker spaniels take more time and to keep practicing.


--- Quote from: sophie.ivy on February 15, 2022, 08:14:19 AM ---. When we get into the hall, she's an obedient angel picking up everything quickly and even being used as a demonstration dog

--- End quote ---

Well done Ivy  :D :clapping: :clapping:  What a little star  :luv:


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