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Until recently Max’s training and general behaviour was coming along great. There was a lot of improvement in his jumping up at us, barking at us for attention, his hyper reaction when meeting other dogs and general walking on the lead and recall. Now just over 8 months he has reverted back to his old ways with new additions.  He now wants to hump his bed biting it at the same time which is wrecking it. If we stop him and take it away he does the same to us jumps up biting clothes and humping our leg then he will move into cushions until we remove them. After a while he will calm down but then he will prowl around the room and will not settle, lies down in one spot for a few minutes them moves to another spot then another. We do brain games  to try and settle him but as soon as we finish he will prowl around the house looking to do mischief. We take it this is his adolescent stage if so how long does it usually last and is there anything we can do to help him through it.

It can last until they are 2-3 years old am afraid. I usually go back to basics with little training exercises - not just to address certain behaviours but to get that bond back where they start listening to you again

A fellow 8 month old owner here - also experiencing quite a bit of regression on things we thought we'd tackled, especially with jumping up at counters, picking up all of the things and the famous spaniel rubber ears! From everything I've read or been told, it's all about staying consistent and as Penny says going back to basics. I'm trying to keep my cool and use the same training methods I used when she was a baby and not introducing anything new as that can confuse their already confused little teenage brains.

It's been hard work so far, but still preferring this to the little cockerdile wee machine stage to be honest! I think it's because I can still remember my turbulent teenage years (only just) and how out of sorts I felt sometimes.

We'll get there with our pups - we've made it this far! (I was going to say 'and we'll look back on this time and laugh' but not sure I'll ever find my girls personal mission to try and eat every toxic plant on the planet funny!!)

Thanks for your replies, I like the spaniel rubber ears Max definitely has a pair of those.


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