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I have set up a Flick'r Group for members of CockersOnline forum to post and comment on each others pictures, take part in themes and challenges and share tips and techniques.  ;)

If, like me until recently, you've never heard of it - Flick'r is an image hosting and editing site that offers free basic membership and offers space to upload photos, organise them into folders, edit them and share them with others. Flick'r Groups allow people with common interests to share and discuss their photos.

I have kicked off a few Discussions to get things going, and hopefully, it will become a fun place, just like COL is  ;)

So, if you don't already have a Flick'r account, set one up, and get snapping.
CockersOnline at Flick'r

The technical bits: - to begin with, I've made the group invitation only to avoid the problems that some Flick'r Groups have with spam and unsuitable content.  
Set up your Flick'r account here if you don't have one, then find the Cockersonline Group, to have a look and then click to join :D That will send a message to the Admin box which I'll check regularly, but bear with me, as I'm pretty new to this!  It would help me hugely if you put your Cockeronline username in the message box - thanks  :D

Magic Star:
Oh poop I cannae fathom this Rachel, have opened up a Yahoo group, but can't seem to join the COL group :huh:

Have just joined so will wait for you to accept!  :D  :D


--- Quote from: bev6951 on August 28, 2008, 08:49:04 PM ---Have just joined so will wait for you to accept!  :D  :D

--- End quote ---

Me too.   ;)

I've joined and got the acceptance thing... now just figuring out how to actually put on some photos!!  :005:


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