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Not been that active on the forum recently for various reasons. Anyway we have been busy dogging in, have had a few formal driven days, done some beating and the syndicate shoot is under way. Oh also done the odd pigeon from a hide type day.
So what have you working dog folk been up too ?

Hi Ian! nice to have you back!! :clapping:

Hi Ian,

Good to see you back on here  :D  I shall watch your videos later though I suspect I may have seen them already!

Us: we have been mostly feeding pheasants, dogging in, training days (cold and warm) novice dog day on a local commercial shoot and field trials - the latter to help and watch.

Pearl now definitely retired although her basic obedience is getting better!
Purdey is much better for remedial training over  the summer and actually takes direction.... previously a good sweeper but as she decided not where we needed!  :lol2:
Sally starting to do well picking up and beating
Coral - when she works for me is just fabulous - she picks up pheasants at last and the penny seems to be dropping regarding chasing (less often, for less time and less distance....)

So far so good this season!


Hi Ian,
We've been dogging in and beating/ picking up - with my older, reliable dog, Pip.  Been on some live training days with the younger one, Kesby, and working on a Sunday training 'programme' to get him reliably steady.  He's a wild one lol.  Keeper is putting on a walked up/ boundary day for myself and a friend and our dogs next weekend, so am hoping to take the wild one...  we shall see how he goes!  He's very exciting to watch, but it's also a bit hair-raising!!  Goal is to have him steady and at least picking up a bit on the shoot by the end of the season.

Hi Ian, welcome back  :dance04:


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