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Oliver had an episode yesterday of what we are not clear, he has been clearing his throat on wakening this quickly goes then trotting off around the garden his estate. His movement was strange like he was retching, he stopped - I went out and he just stood  got reacting to my command to come - his back leg was shacking, I ran for hubby and Ollie still stood then lay on the wet grass wheezing, hubby lifted him in doors, his wheezing was slight but I phoned the vet who saw us within the hour, Ollie was brighter but still trying to clear his throat now and again.
The vet said his heart and vitals were all good and his eyes not glazed - he may have had a small TIA, she suggested bloods on Monday and x ray as she felt a small swelling in his upper abdomen but stressed it was difficult to examine when she was on her own.  His wheezing she felt was not chest infection and thought his back leg was due to possible arthritis - she prescribed bronchodilators and liquid paracetamol until she got a clearer picture.

Ollie is much better today, he is due for bloods and x ray on Monday.

Sorry for the long post but I am so very concerned, I had call to confirm today and asked about the sedation risks etc lady said they give full sedation in case they need to operate, I expressed my concerns and said that while I wanted x ray I may not want invasive surgery, I mentioned my usual vet and it was agreed she will look him over and then discuss with me before they go ahead.

I don't know what to say I am finding it difficult to type this....I just don't feel I want my little boy messed about with at 13 years old.  Medication yes to aid his health in old age yes but chemo or surgery I don't know.  Hubby and I had a scare with him almost 2 years back and we said then we would not have him go through stuff - it was a hernia in the end and easy to rectify.

I do not know what this is - I have a doggy who is no different than News Years Eve curled by my side, but I realize something strange happened yesterday.  I am so concerned and need your support and whether I am handling this correctly

That is such a scary thing, no wonder you are shook.  Just my personal thoughts, I have no expertise.  Full sedation would worry me, and unless it is critical I would prefer my own vet to deal with my dog.  Their is a level of trust.  The assumption of full sedation in case of surgery in an older dog would not be my choice.  If he has had a TIA, then it's a time thing, and dogs can recover so well from these.  My Mum's old dog (of indeterminate breed) had this and after being wobbly for a few days, she was soon back to herself.  For me, unless there is a huge delay, I would wait, I get the feeling that anything major or invasive at this time would not be your choice anyway, and you will have time to think about this before choices may, or may not, have to be made.  Hugs.

oh dear Julie! First if all, lots  :bigarmhug:
I had just started to write the reply but saw that ejp has already answered and agree with her entirely. As long as Ollie isn’t in any obvious distress at the moment, I wouldn‘t make any decision until your own vet has seen him. I know its hard but do try not to think too much about chemo and surgery at the moment, until you‘ve had a firmer diagnosis, you might be worrying unnecessarily.
I think it would be unwise for any of us to hazard any guess as to what the problem, any of the symptoms could indicate a different cause.
Lots more hugs to you both, will be thinking of you so do let us know as soon as you know any more!
Take care and chin up for Ollie!
 :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :luv:
Love Jayne ‚n Humph‘

Julie I so know what you are going through  :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: We went through similar with Rhum back in August

Agree with the others that as long as he is happy and content until Monday wait until you speak to your vet and they have accessed him  :luv: The hardest thing is to try and not worry and think of the worst  :luv:

My case back in August was very similar and we had Rhum checked over (lab) and I brought him back home with medication and the vet thought it was just old age etc with arthritis - never got to the bottom of his coughing / retching (sounded a bit like kennel cough, but vet ruled that out ) But he was a stick eater if you didn't watch him like a hawk in the garden  >:D  so we put it down to that and perhaps he had scratched his throat

Thinking of you and the family and loads of love n hugs to Oliver  :luv: :bigarmhug:

As Oliver seems to be the same as he was on New Years eve just now try not to worry, Monday will be round soon and hopefully all will be sorted  :luv:

Hope he feels better soon 👍


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