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Desperately need some sleep help .

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I desperately need some advice, my old dog hattie, is very fit and mostly healthy although now deaf and her eyesight is not great.  the problem is she has started to wake up every couple of hours during the night, crying and wanting food it's as though she as not been fed. Even if you give her food she still wakes up after a couple of hours. I have tried a few remedies, valerium and calms. Vet gave us something for dementia that made her worse  >:(. I'm have been thinking about trying melatonin, if anyone else's dogs have been like this, what did you find that helped. I'm shattered and need some sleep  :blink:

I think I would be asking the vet to do more tests.  There are many reasons a dog is hungry, if sheís waking every two hours, I would be really quite worried that she has another illness such as thyroid, diabetes or something more sinister.  Sorry.  Pearl was very hungry in her last few weeks then went off food completely.

Ok thank you

Ben's mum:
 :luv: :luv: Ben was like this when his dementia deteriorated as it was like he had forgotten he had eaten. To be honest it was harder watching him struggle with dementia because physically like your Hattie he was very fit.
I canít  offer much help sorry, as we didnít find a solution, just struggled on with disrupted nights. It was hard  I just really wanted to send support as I remember what it felt like :bigarmhug: 

Thank you, the vet gave us medication for dementia but it actually made her more alert and manic.  It's so hard. We had a bad night last night and then today my other cocker darcy aged 11 yrs hurt his back so now he's on pain medication.bless ❤  think I may just a pj weekend to catch up on some sleep 😏


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