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Another late hello.

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Hi from myself and Gemma aka ginger ninja. Puppy days can be full on, hair pulling out, What have we done times. But hey it soon fades and a new normality settles in. So happy pup with no name is getting you trained and soon under the paw..
Big welcome into our world. Its the best of places


--- Quote from: JohnMcL on April 05, 2021, 07:04:45 PM ---Hello and thanks for your lovely welcomes!

I hugely underestimated how lively/inquisitive a puppy is, we havenít had time to name her and must tonight; time has flown, she has kept us both on our toes! I hadnít planned to start training for a few days, thought sheíd need Ďsettle in Ď time but I was wrong as sheís enjoying it. I hope weíre doing it right, sheís bouncy, tail wagging, snuggly when tired.
Cazza, Ash is beautiful, tonightís not my turn for 3am peegate so Iím looking forward to reading how youíre getting on!

Iím so glad youíre all here, this is the best thing Iíve ever done but Iím a bit nervous at the same time!  :005:


--- End quote ---

Morning John, hope you enjoyed your non peegate night  :shades:

Ash goes to her crate at 10pm now and is let out again about 12.30am and sleeps through til 6.30am

We are slowly letting her out earlier - we started with her being let out every 2 hours and then slowly over 2 weeks have reduced it later this week will will try 12am and see if she can go to 6.30am without a mess in her crate.

Training wise - we have worked on sit, down, come and on lead in the garden. Have also taken her out in the car every 3 days if not every day. Have socialised her with cars / tractors / lorries going past. She has been to see horse, chickens and cows. Not done sheep yet as they are lambing

Ash got her second jag on Monday so looking forward to taking her out and being able to put her down while socialising her with all the above next and meeting some friends with dogs

Hello lovely people, I really appreciate your help and tips. I think weíre on the right path and settling into a routine that works. I took time off work (which when your self employed means work has backed up and I have a huge backlog to try and do in the early hours!) which was needed.

However Peanut is growing quickly and going through the night in her cage which I moved to the bedroom, still left the door open and so far weíve had two full nightís sleep! Sheís a lot better with biting and has had her second jab so we are allowed out on Thursday for ten mins.

Iíve spent hours reading through the years of info on here and am glad I found you, Iíve found everything Iíve needed with the search facility.

Caz, how is Ash doing and do you have any pictures plz?  :luv:


Thanks for the update, so pleased to hear that things are going well, the pleasure of puppyhood is being able to celebrate every little step forward.
COL is indeed a mine of good information and, as opposed to a lot of other information on the internet, is based on experience with cockers.   :shades:
Glad you found us too  ;), look forward to more updates on Peanut!  :luv:

Thanks Jayne, I think Iím addicted to this forum and Peanut! My family are making jokes about my new interests as all I talk about is Cocker food, Cocker fur, Cocker teeth and Cocker poo!
Peanut is allowed out tomorrow, I canít wait! Iím hoping she gets up early as weíre having breakfast in the woods!

At some point soon Iím going to have to decide to work or retire! I wish Iíd been this excited about the children although Iíll keep that admission for here only!  ;) :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

The first bodywiggle of the day melts me, as do all the rest!  :luv:


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