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Hello from Ireland

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Hello everyone,

My name is Paul and I've recently rehomed a male golden Cocker Spaniel called Cooper who's a lovable little rogue.

I'm looking forward to talking to other Cocker owners to learn more and find out how to make Cooper happy and healthy.

Best wishes,


Hello Paul and Cooper, a warm welcome to COL. You will find lots of useful info here and some larfs along the way.  :bigarmhug:

Hi Paul and welcome to you and Cooper! Glad you found us, this is a gold mine for friendly advice and support in all things cocker!!
Im Jayne ,live in Germany and also have a golden boy called Humphrey - hes six now and brings joy to every day! Looking forward to hearing more about Cooper!!  :luv:

Hi and welcome Paul and Cooper

I have a golden girl nearly 7 months old - lost my last cocker in 2019

Look forward to talking to you and seeing how Cooper settles in

Welcome Paul 👍


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