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Hello from Tony and Charlie the cocker


Hi all

Recently got Charlie, a working cocker who is 9 weeks old. Getting his last vaccination a week on Thursday. Is mad as brush at times and sometimes makes me question my decision making  :005:

My daughter is 10 and has been asking for a dog since she could say the word.

Joined here for some tips advice and to share my experiences.

Tony and Charlie

Hi and welcome! Rest assured youve made 2 good decisions - first is Charlie  :luv: (being mad as a brush means hes a healthy cocker pup!!  :005:) and the second is finding COL, - no better place for support in  helping you stay sane for the first few months years  :lol: therell always someone around to offer good advice on most things cocker. My main advice to start with - maintain a sense of humour and hide the socks!!
Best of luck, look forward to hearing more and hopefully seeing some pictures!  :luv:

Hello and welcome. Glad you have joined the cocker family, sometimes you will find it crazy and others you will find it a joy.

As Bizzylizzy says just hide the socks :luv: my little darling is 13 years old and still a sock thieving monster :luv:

Thanks for the welcome.

 Hes been a good boy today and is most days, only issue we have just now is mouthing/biting so Im working on that with the tips from the thread about it on here.

Im still trying to figure out how to post pictures, will add one on the pictures thread soon ;)


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