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Jane S:
Avatars - The photo that goes under your username

You can personalise your account by adding a photo under your username, either by linking from your website or uploading one directly from your pc. The displayed photo will be approx 80x80 pixels in size. The forum software can automatically resize the photo for you but if the picture you'd like to use is larger than 200 kbs it's better to resize it yourself first otherwise it may not upload successfully.

How To Resize Photos For Avatars

There are many applications for resizing photos, the instructions here are for using a free programme called Irfanview.

1. Open your photo in Irfanview
2. Select 'resize/resample' from the drop down 'Image' menu.
3. A new window will appear, make sure that 'preserve aspect ratio' is ticked.
4. Select 'pixels' and enter 80 in either the 'width' or the 'height' box.
5. Click OK and your photo will be resized. If you wish to alter it, select 'undo' from the drop down 'Edit' menu and start again.
6. Once you are happy with the new resized photo you can save it to your computer using 'save' or 'save as' from the drop down 'File' menu.
6. Upload to COL using the Forum Profile Information settings.

If anyone has difficulty uploading an avatar please contact a member of the mod/admin team by pm and we'll try and sort it out for you.

Signature Pictures - (the ones that go under your post - not the ones under your name)

Sig Pics featuring your dog/s are very welcome and lovely to see but large images can distract from board content as they are there on every post you have on the board, old as well as new. They can also be a problem for users on dial up or slower broadband connections. Therefore they must be kept small and ideally NO more than ONE image (this includes tickers) per signature ;) Please also keep animation to a minimum as animated banners can be distracting to other members.

Please note all signature pics (other than tickers) must therefore be no more than 150 x 150 pixels in size.
If you can't get yours to size then just give the mod/admin team a shout and we can do it for you :D Send your pic to us and we will send it back for you to put up. :D

Signature/Profile Links

Links to non-profit making, personal/hobby websites about your own dogs are welcome provided small, plain text is used - no big fonts please! However breeder links whether in profiles or signatures will only be permitted if the breeder concerned meets COL's conditions as listed HERE and also has a post count of at least 50.

Signature/Profile Links to your businesses (whether dog related or not) are generally not permitted unless permission to advertise has been granted by Admin and you have a post count of at least 50. If such permission has been given, a signature link to a business must be in small, plain text - no big fonts or colourful, flashing images.

Signature/profile links to other forums are not permitted.

Jane S:
Bumping this thread up for the benefit of members who haven't read them before.


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