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What is hand stripping?

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I have only come across this term since visiting this forum, and I dont actually know what it is. Would anyone be so kind as to let me know?

thanks, Mike                    

Jane S:
Handstripping is when dead/excess hair is removed by hand, using finger & thumb in a plucking motion or by using a special Spaniel comb (fine-toothed comb which also removes dead hair when pulled through the coat) Hand stripping leaves a natural finish to the coat & trims last much longer than if the coat has been cut with electric clippers/scissors. It takes a long time to do which is why many high street dog groomers won't do it & even try to tell clients that handstripping is cruel - it's not if done correctly & when the coat is "ready" for stripping (meaning the coat comes out fairly easily when plucked)



thanks Jane

I currently use a two-sided brush, which has ordinary bristles one side and metal spikes the other, that I use to keep tangles at bay and just generally keep the pup tidy - 'hand stripping' seems to be the next step.

Have you any ideas where I might be able to get such a comb from? It sounds a specialist comb that my high street pet shop is unlikely to  stock.


Hi Mike
The spaniel comb that Jane refers to is called a Spratts 76 and is available by mail order from Diamond Edge Ltd. It can be found if you click on this address
Another good way of getting dead puppy coat out is to thread an elastic band through the teeth of a metal comb and this will also help 'pull' out any dead coat.
As Jane says hand stripping does give the most natural look and is favoured by those (or most!) who show their dogs. If you do give it a try be prepared to go through the pain barrier (you not the dog) as it does make your arm ache until your used to it!
Good luck ;)                    

I hand strip my two dogs. It is time consuming but worth it in the long run.  I tidy mine up every two weeks or so.   Another tool from Diamond Edge is the Coat King for the centre back.  The dogs love it - it is like being stroked and they want more and more....  Thankfully they love being groomed.  I hate  to see dogs clippered off.  One of mine was clippered by his previous owner and now his ears have gone all curly.                    


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