Author Topic: Advice on Ollie and wetting  (Read 79 times)

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Advice on Ollie and wetting
« on: April 30, 2021, 10:10:10 AM »
Firstly Ollie was seen for check up yesterday and doing ok.  I mentioned the wetting, he leaks and wets in sleep - but not full bladder if that makes sense.  The vet said basically it was one of those things and medication is difficult due to the steroids, which gives him the quality of life he is still having.  She also said we can play round with the water tablet and reduce that, he has 20mg Frusemide each morning.

I use the Glendarcy band at night and it helps but, his fur smells and I just bath underneath time about three times a week ( done yesterday). I use baby shampoo, maybe a stronger scent might help but worried about his doggy bits :shades:  He has always been happy to let you do anything which is a blessing and seems to like the rub a dub and hairdryer :005:

I also use a baby talc underneath and on side skirt. Plus I have a spray for skirt sides, the vet said to rub bicarb in the skirt.  Any spray recommendations.

I wondered if there is any advice on how to manage both the smell on Ollie and also spray his bedding, I have a waterproof blanket to place under the bedding have purchased more so as to rotate daily.

Any product or any advice, have wondered about mixing bicarb and cornflour, plus he is going to be clipped in just over 2 weeks, his groomer has done him since he was one and she loves him and he adores her.  I will ask her too.

Sorry so long but I am struggling and a wee bit obsessed as my old westie skin broken down underneath and I am desperate for this not to happen to Ollie.

I have to keep on top of this and really need any advice.
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