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Grooming Equipment & Video/DVD
« on: September 01, 2004, 11:30:54 AM »
Here is a list of the basic items needed for anyone wanting to groom/trim their own Cocker:

  • Slicker brush (one with soft pins for young puppies, a firmer one for older pups/adults)
  • Wide toothed comb (for ears & leg feathering)
  • Spratts 76 Spaniel Comb (for stripping out coat)
  • Thinning Scissors (one side serrated, 46 teeth)
  • Straight-edged scissors
  • Coat King (for stripping out puppy coat/dead hair in pet Cockers) Either the 26 blade Superfine or the 20 blade Ex-Fine are suitable for Cockers

Grooming Supplies Websites
Diamond Edge
Hub International
Groomers Online

NB All the above companies are long established with good reputations in the dog world.

Grooming Video/DVD
"English Cockers" (Jackie Marris-Bray) available from Petcetera . Also available from This DVD covers hand stripping & clipping.

"Grooming The Cocker Spaniel" (Paula Hull) available from Petcetera. NB: This DVD does NOT cover hand stripping (clipping & scissor work only)

Grooming Booklet
"The Trimming & Presentation of the Cocker Spaniel" available from the Cocker Spaniel Club for 2.50 + p&p. Can be ordered online at