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Jane S:
Welcome to the 2013 Cockersonline Photo Competition.

There are some slight amendments to last year's rules so please read before entering your photos.

1. Please see Payment Info for details of how to enter
2. To give everyone a fair chance we ask that the entries be photos of your own dog, taken by you or a member of your family (not by friends or professionals). If you are a professional photographer your dogs can still join in the fun but please limit yourself to just a couple of entries. Remember that photos are not being judged on their technical quality. A sharp, well composed, in-focus shot will help but the competition is primarily a bit of fun for everyone to join in and share their photos, so expertise with a camera is not essential. Nicola's photography tips may help, see HERE and HERE . Photos should be relatively recent ones, taken within the last 2 years (with the exception of the Remembrance class). To keep the competition looking fresh and new, please DON'T re-use photos that were entered last year.

3. All photos must be no larger than 640x480 pixels. The forum software should automatically resize any photos that are larger than this. However, if there is a glitch in the system, resizing can be done manually by editing your post to include a width restriction (for landscape photos) or a height one (for portrait) inside the first IMG tag. Like this...

--- Code: ---[IMG width=640][/img]
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---[IMG height=640][/img]
--- End code ---

Embedded photos rather than links are preferred as this will make it easier for us all to view the entries. Instructions on how to post photos can be found in THIS THREAD and also HERE (for Photobucket users) If you are having trouble posting your photos the Mods will be happy to help out... please use the HELP thread for any questions you have.

4. Most classes are open to any age dog, however age restrictions apply to the class listed below ...

* Cutest Puppy - all puppies entered for this class should be under 12 months old at the time the photo was taken
* Prettiest Girl & Most Handsome Boy - all Cockers entered for these classes should be over 12 months old at the time the photo was taken
NB it is the age of your dog at the time the photo was taken which matters so you can enter a puppy photo in the Puppy class (taken when your dog was a puppy ie under 12 months old) and if your dog is now over 12 months old, you can then enter a current adult photo in Prettiest Girl/Most Handsome Boy
5. Dogs entered must belong to (and live with) you, not to family or friends

6. Photos should not be "photoshopped" or processed apart from basic cropping & sharpening etc

7. The competition threads are for photo entries only, not discussion. To make it easy for everyone to view all the photos can we ask that no comments or replies are posted, however please remember to include the name of your dog above your photos. There is a separate discussion thread HERE.

8. Closing date for entries is 31/7/13 and the competition threads will be locked at midnight on that day.

9. Best In Show. All winners of the individual classes will be put forward for this. A Reserve Best In Show will also be awarded. The top 5 in each class will recieve a cyber rosette next to their photo. Best In Show & Reserve Best In Show will each receive a special prize (to be announced!)

10. If you change your mind about any of the photos you've entered you can edit your post to include a different photo. This can be done right up to midnight on the closing date of the competition (31/7/13).

11. Photos entered in the competition may in future be used to promote the site or raise funds for charity and/or the running costs of Cockersonline. You will still retain copyright over your photos but please only enter them if you are happy for us to use them in this way.

12. Admin and Mods can join in the fun by posting photos but they'll be considered 'Not For Competition'.. ie not eligible for places. The judges can enter photos in any of the classes they aren't judging themselves.

Good luck everyone and have fun !  


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