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Jane S:
Here are our class judges for this year:

Archie bean 
8 Hairy Feet 
Jeff D         
Cockertime Blues

Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show will be judged by a very special guest (details coming soon!)

Jane S:
We are very pleased to announce our Best in Show judge this year will be the extremely handsome Mr Higgins, the rescue Staffie and fundraising PR dog for Medical Detection Dogs:

Higgins' story:

"Originally from 'oop North' as I was found wandering the streets of Rochdale when I was about 12m old and taken to the pound. Due to be put to sleep 18/1/2007. Got rescued by Four Paws animal rescue and brought to Wales. Couldn't understand the Welsh accent but had no option! Was promised sunny weather -they lied! Stayed in Rescue centre for over a year - always got overlooked due to me being a Staffie.

I was returned within a day of going to a new potential owner as the owner's other dog had a seizure as soon as it saw me (jealous of my good looks!), another stint in rescue kennels.

Finally found my forever home in Jan 2008 and I am now living happily ever after and can officially call myself a Welsh boyo! Ok Butt."

Higgins has also sent us this little introduction:

I'm Higgins the rescue Staffie and I'm also a fun-raising dog for the excellent charity

I'm delighted to be asked to be your your first ever doggy judge for your photo competition. I think I'd be as good as a human judge if not better as...

1) I know a lot about dogs (as I am one)

2) I know instantly whenever I see a really good looking dog (as every day I look in the mirror and I see one)

3) You only really get to know a dog properly when you find out everything about them from top to bottom ... Sniffing bottoms is definitely a job for a doggy judge and not a human judge!

4) I know a thing or too about good pictures as I live with a certain human who is a wildlife photographer...and he certainly learns a lot about wild life with me around!

5) I understand about Cocker Spaniels as they are fun, adorable and a little barking mad like me....

Woofs, Handsome Higgins!

You can find out more about Higgins on his Facebook page HERE. As you can see from the first photo, he is taking his judging duties extremely seriously!


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