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Here are the results of this year's photo competition. Well done to everyone who joined in and contributed to making it such a great success. The standard of entry was fantastic and it's been a joy checking all the entries over the last month and our only regret is that we can't make each and every photo a winner  :luv:

Can we just give a MASSIVE thank you to all the judges for all the time and effort they put in - I don't think any of them were aware of just how difficult it was going to be but they did a fabulous job with only a little bit of gentle encouragement  :shades: :lol2:

Virtual rosettes have been placed next to all the photos on the competition threads - if anyone spots any mistakes please let us know.

So here we go :clapping:

Class One - Cutest Puppy (48 entries)
Judges -  aliceandlouis, Poppsie, Smokey 1, 8HairyFeet

1st  Chrisnjulie  - Henry

2nd   airyfairy76  -  Lottie - second picture
3rd =   Jeff D  - Teal
3rd =   HannahC7 - Maggie
4th   Sharpie - Daisy
HC   jobartlett - enzo 5 days, piph - Ozzie 14 weeks,  sarahphillips - indy and Sophieblueroanlover - Henry

Class Two - Prettiest girl - 32 entries
Judges -  aliceandlouis, Archiebean, CockertimeBlues

1st   Jonnydog - Penny

2nd = Jac66 - Amber (on the sofa)
2nd = White Bryony  - Maddie
3rd   Dozy Bird - Roxy
4th   Cassie 01 - Leisl
HC   Jeffd - Teal, Pop Star - Poppy,  Henshall boys - Holly

Class Three - Most Handsome Boy - 34 entries
Judges -  aliceandlouis, Poppsie, 8HairyFeet, JeffD

1st   Dipsydoodlenoodle - Charlie

2nd  Rileysmum - Riley
3rd = Smokey 1 - Muswell (2nd photo)
3rd = Niqnet - Jack
4th   cdpops - Charlie in the snow
HC   Teri - Messi , Mrs G - Jasper, Letichia - Scoobie,  JanD /Bobby 2nd photo and  Jane57 - Riley

Class Four - Best Out-Take/Comedy Classic (40 entries)
Judges -  Archiebean, CockertimeBlues, Smokey 1

1st   JennyBee - Brodie

2nd   Siam - Alfie Flat packed
3rd   Ben's mum - Ben and his plastering book
4th   Miadanu - the Cocker Congo
HC   Airyfairy76 - Lottie after her bath, cdpops - Charlie the cockerdile, SophieBlueRoanLover - Henry, Henshall Boys - Bramble & Beri, Jac66 - Amber heading the ball

Class Five - Best action shot (29 entries)
Judges - Archiebean, 8HairyFeet, Poppsie, JeffD

1st   Jac66 - Amber flying down a sand dune

2nd   Smokey 1 - Lily Lightning
3rd = Joycej - Maisy
3rd = JennyBee - brodie
4th   Donsgirluk - Loving the frisbee - Jasper
HC   SophieBlueRoanLover - Henry, dipsydoodlenoodle - Charlie

Class 6 - Best friends (40 entries)
Judges - JeffD, Smokey 1, CockertimeBlues

1st   Amus1- Flynn & Spike

2nd   Sharpie - Daisy, Monty & Harry "Going Home"
3rd   Vixen - Stevie & Marley
4th   Lexi - Olivia and Byron
HC   Lily Freya - Luis & Ollie, Sharpie - Daisy & Dad, Archiebean - Archie & Jade

Oh thats just brilliant , what great photos . Thanks for choosing Henry as cutest puppy , it really must have been a hard decision with so many cute puppies to choose from .
Congratulations to everyone who won or was placed .....

Have really enjoyed looking at all the photos ......cant wait for next comp just see see more gorgeous pics .

There were some excellent entries across all categories  :luv:.

Thank you for Charlie's 1st in Most Handsome Boy - I'm very proud :)

the fame hasn't gone to his head yet...

I'm chuffed that Daisy came out so well with such stiff competition too!

Thanks to all the judges and other entrants for making it a great comp, and a bit of money raised for some good causes too!  :D

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's photos and I think it's fab that 300 was raised!
 Everyone should be very pleased with themselves!


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