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3 dogs Stolen from Kennels at Almondell Country Park EH52 between 2pm and 2.30pm on 4th Oct. A white van with a male and a female approx age 30 were seen in area. Orange roan puppy dog 18 weeks old still missing. He is mainly white with 2 orange spots on his back. Please look out for him. Information that he may be taken down south. 07775 534746
The 3 year old orange roan bitch was found in mussleburgh and blue roan male 16 weeks old was found in Blackridge.
Puppy is microchipped

Shocking. Hope they find the third dog soon.

Just checked the lynwater website for an boy called Prince still not found. Last sighted in DUNBAR but could be anywhere now. Picture of him on their facebook and he is adorable. Tried to copy and paste it but didn?t manage. >:D can you please share.
They arranged a search party today but no luck. Hope he is somewhere safe.

Still one missing I see  :'(

GREAT NEWS.....The third dog Prince was found yesterday near Haydock and has now been reunited with his owner. A woman who was out walking in Golborne found him running around with no owner in sight so took him into the local vet to check if he was chipped!
Letís hope heís ok after the trauma heís been through.
A great Christmas present for Lynwater. Sooooo happy for them that they got all 3 babies back home at last.


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