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12 year old arthritis/howling - any help please.

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Hi all,

My parents’ cocker Is 12 years old and he struggles to get up when lying as well as when he wants to lie down when standing. He also struggle to jump up small things like steps and into the car. Does anyone have any help to ease the pain for him? He has been to the vets and it hasn’t made much difference. I have seen gylco tablets seem to be good but expensive. Has anyone had an success with these?

Also he will be asleep or lying around then all of a sudden will get up and cry/howl until told to stop. It’s like he feels lost and doesn’t know where anyone is. He will constantly cry and howl through the night as well. Has anyone else experienced this or have any solutions?


My cocker is over 12 and was showing some signs of stiffness etc and I went with Yumove - it was last Autumn and he is really improved...however I don't think he showed the height of pain and discomfort your dog seems to be showing.

It was signs that he was not comfy when lying and not wanting to jump puddles etc when out walking and the odd limp etc.  Nor can I say they ease pain they are herb based.

The crying sounds like bad pain and I think a trip to the vet and possible proper meds....Meloxican or something.

Whatever did the vet say!!

Just to add that yumove is a supplement containing Glucosamine for joint care along with other supplements

PLEASE,  don’t tell him off!  :huh: I‘m quite sure he wouldn‘t howl or cry unless he was distressed.
If what the vet prescribed isn‘t helping then I would also suggest a return visit and ask for pain relief. Lots of older dog suffer stiffness and have trouble getting up and down but pain and stress which you describe, while he‘s not moving, needs to be investigated.

Back to the vet. Dog is in pain and being told off? He is asking for help, not being a nuisance.

He is old and we understand he struggles. He is fine once he is sat with you or can see you. He will go and sit in a spot or if he can’t see you he may start to howl until he is told to stop. He doesn’t cry or howl about his legs it is only when he can’t see anyone. We think he has separation anxiety but recently he has got worse as mentioned above. He has always howled at night usually about midnight then he goes back to sleep. However nowadays he will wake up and howl throughout the night and we are struggling to get sleep.


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